10 Best Budgeting Apps to Help Plan Your Month

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10 Best Budgeting Apps Free to Help Plan Your Month in 2022: You could need some help if you’ve had difficulties managing your money in the past.

A budgeting program can be just what you need to rein in your spending and regain control of your money. There are several budgeting apps to choose from, each seeking to stand out from the crowd.

The cheap applications listed below are popular due to their functionality. Each App has at least 4.1 stars (out of 5) in the iOS App Store and Google Play and at least 1,000 reviews as of this writing.

Top 10 Best Budgeting Apps Free to Help Plan Your Month

10 Best Budgeting Apps
10 Best Budgeting Apps

Indeed, not all apps are suited for everyone. Thus, individuals should pick two or three apps before finalizing the best one.

1. Mint App

Mint is one of the most well-known and well-established budgeting programs. Indeed, this app is owned by Intuit, the same company that creates Quickbooks and TurboTax. They provide several tools to help you track and manage money from a variety of banks, credit card issuers, brokers, lenders, and other financial organizations.

Besides, It has many features, the most essential of which are the budgeting tools, which are up at the top when you log in. Mint categorizes purchases from linked credit and debit cards and records them against a budget that you can alter and customize to meet your needs.

Set up alerts when you go over budget, track spending by category, or look at your overall cash flow to obtain a full view of where your money goes each month.

Salient features:

App Info:

Size – 20MB

Rating – 4.5

Download – 10L+

Download Mint App

2. PocketGuard App

Why PocketGuard?               

PocketGuard, as the name suggests, can assist you to avoid overspending. This budgeting tool connects to your bank accounts and allows you to track your spending against your monthly budget.

One of the most accessible apps to set up and connect to your bank accounts is this one. It keeps track of how much you earn, how much you spend on recurring payments and ordinary expenses, and how much money you put into your savings account over time.

This budgeting tool even has a feature that allows you to track specific bills and save money. Using PocketGuard, you can save on your monthly subscription prices from phone, TV, and Internet service providers, for example.

It not only assists you in keeping track of your finances, but it also assists you in reducing your spending.

Salient features:

App Info:

Size – 14.4 MB

Rating – 3.8

Download – 25L+

Downlaod PocketGuard App

3. Wally App

Wally was chosen because of its simple budgeting features and support in the majority of foreign nations.

Indeed, this app includes the most user-friendly program on this list.

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but it does one thing exceptionally well: budgeting. This software allows you to keep track of your income and expenses while also giving you a glimpse of your remaining budget, which can help you avoid overpaying.

This App is free to use and is more prevalent among Millennials. Wally’s built-in support for practically all international currencies is a huge advantage for people who live outside of the United States. “10 Best Budgeting Apps to Help Plan Your Month”

Salient features:

  • Financial forecasting
  • Budgeting features are much more straightforward.
  • User friendly.
  • Graphics to view your financial report.
  • Spending insights.
  • Easy to use.

App Info:

Size – 23.2 MB

Rating – 4.1

Download – 20L+

Download Wally App

4. You Need a Budget App

You Need A Budget offers a different approach to budgeting by giving each dollar a task. Indeed, this app has a cult-like following of devoted users who affectionately refer to it as YNAB.

In comparison to other budgeting applications, You Need a Budget takes a different approach. Rather than using typical budgeting buckets, you create a budget based on your revenue, assigning each dollar to a specific task.

This employment covers everything from living costs to debt payments, savings, and investments. You must think about every dollar you obtain and spend if you leave no money unaccounted for.

The App is ideal for people or couples who are working on a budget jointly. It has desktop and mobile interfaces, the ability to sync your bank accounts automatically or manually enter spending, and debt payback and goal monitoring capabilities to help you meet your financial goals. 

Salient features:

App Info:

Size – 28MB

Rating – 4.3

Download – 50L+

Download You Need a Budget App

5. Goodbudget App

As a couple, we chose Goodbudget because it simplifies budgeting. Goodbudget, formerly known as Easy Envelope Budget Aid, is an excellent choice for couples who want to share their budgeting process. It powers your proactive budget for all of your expenses and spending with the well-known envelope budgeting idea.

It’s beautiful for couples with shared finances, but it’s also great for solo budgeters because you can share and sync budgets with budgeting partners across the iPhone and Android spectrum. “10 Best Budgeting Apps to Help Plan Your Month”

Salient features:

App Info:

Size – 16MB

Rating – 4.1

Download – 33L+

Download Goodbudget App

6. Personal Capital App

Personal Capital is a tool that helps you to keep track of your finances and investments all in one location.

Besides, this app has a simple principle: connect your bank account, and the App will track your expenditure. Thus, Your results are presented in easy-to-understand graphs.

Personal Capital, on the other hand, has a fee analyzer that we appreciate. It’s simple for loan costs to eat into your earnings. This is particularly true when investing. Personal Capital allows us to view all of this at a glance, allowing us to always hunt for methods to lower our expenses.

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However, that isn’t the only chart you’ll get (nerds rejoice!). You may also keep track of your net worth, see how well you’re sticking to your budget, and see how close you are to reaching your retirement goals.

If you are investing at least $100,000 and want total investment management, Personal Capital also offers its Wealth Management plan, a premium service with an annual cost of 0.89 percent. You get regular access to a financial advisor with Wealth Management.

Salient features:

App Info:

Size – 33MB

Rating – 4.1

Download – 44L+

Download Personal Capital App

7. Mvelopes App

Mvelopes is an excellent fit if you’re seeking a digital counterpart of the cash envelope system.

Envelope budgeting, in which you put cash in envelopes for different spending categories. When each envelope is empty, your budget for that category is spent for the month, which works well with cash budgeting.

This is a little more difficult with credit and debit cards, but Mvelopes makes it simple to stick to cash-style budgets in a digital environment.

Mvelopes is a paid app that allows you to connect to many financial accounts and utilize traditional envelope budgeting to manage your regular expenditure. With real-time budget matching, you’ll know if you can buy that cappuccino now or if you’ll have to wait until next month’s budget reset. “10 Best Budgeting Apps to Help Plan Your Month”

Salient features:

App Info:

Size – 27MB

Rating – 4.2

Download – 38L+

Download Mvelopes App

8. Empower App

You may require a little extra cash to get to payday, regardless of how well you budget. Empower steps in to assist you with this by providing you with a $250 no-interest advance. The money is deducted from your next paycheck.

For me, the fact that you get a debit card with your account sets Empower apart. When you make qualifying purchases at qualified stores, you’ll get 10% cashback (yes, 10%!). Because the deals are tailored to your purchasing habits, you’ll save even more money over time.

The budgeting tool in Empower is in the form of monthly reports that illustrate where you’re spending. You’ll be able to see all of your income, expenses, and savings across all of your linked accounts. To keep yourself in check, you might set monthly spending limitations.

Empower includes an autosave feature that is based on your spending habits to help you save money. Empower makes up to four small payments to your savings account each week if it appears that you can afford them. Lastly, your funds will grow over time without you needing to put forth any additional effort.

Salient features:

App Info:

Size – 25MB

Rating – 3.9

Download – 44L+

Download Empower App

9. Charlie App

Charlie is a free budgeting program that includes features like a spending tracker to help you keep track of how much you spend in each category.

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It’s like having a personal financial planner on your phone or tablet. Indeed, charlie keeps track of your spending and tells you where you may save money, including which bills to pay off first and which fees to avoid.

We have to say, having a cartoon penguin give us financial advice was a once-in-a-lifetime event. But that’s what sets this App apart. In reality, the advice is provided by sophisticated algorithms that analyze your finances and provide you with well-informed recommendations.

But it gets even better. Charlie can genuinely help you save money on your internet and cable rates by negotiating on your behalf. And if there’s a better plan out there that can save you money on your monthly phone bill, Charlie will let you know so you may switch. “10 Best Budgeting Apps to Help Plan Your Month”

Salient features:

App Info:

Size – 19MB

Rating – 3.7

Download – 21L+

Download Charlie App

10. Trim App

Trim describes itself as your “personal finance assistant,” and that’s a pretty good description of what it does. It not only helps you save money on auto insurance by lowering your bills.

But it also assists you in canceling useless subscriptions and services that you may be paying for regularly but rarely or never using.

We created an account and linked accounts to get started with Trim. Indeed, Trim takes control at that point. Besides, the app keeps track of our spending and constantly seeks ways to “save” a little money each month.

Trim, like Charlie, can assist you in paying off your debt. Indeed, this App can negotiate with significant cable, internet, and phone providers.

It helps to reduce the amount you spend. Trim will also notify you if you have money going into recurring subscriptions that you aren’t using.

Trim doesn’t currently offer a budgeting component. But it does keep track of your monthly spending. Lastly, These tips can assist you in creating a budget.

Salient features:

App Info:

Size – 46MB

Rating – 4.2

Download – 40L+

Download Trim App

Conclusion: 10 best budgeting apps to help plan your month

Thankfully, with the abundance of budgeting applications that make money management simple. Indeed, there is a lot of help accessible nowadays.

Still, Some even go above and beyond simple budgeting by supporting you with expense reduction, saving, and even investment guidance. So pick the best from Our list of “10 Best Budgeting Apps Free to Help Plan Your Month in 2022”.

And if you have any doubt related to 10 best budgeting apps to help plan your month then you can ask in the comment section below

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