40000 metaverse jobs in Dubai

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These roles will be in high demand: Dubai has 40000 jobs for metaverse workers

40000 metaverse jobs in Dubai: Monday’s announcement by Dubai Metaverse Strategy will provide support for 40000 virtual jobs, and $4 billion in economic growth to the economy of the Emirate over five years. Khaleej Times has been briefed by metaverse experts and executives from the human resources industry about what these new jobs could entail over the next few decades.

There are many roles that can be filled, including digital architects, AR/VR engineers, 3D graphic design, artists and architects as well as NFT experts, storytellers, digital salespeople, and customer service agents.

40000 metaverse jobs in Dubai

Expert says remote work is the future in technology industry

Dubai has revealed a new strategy to create 40000 metaverse jobs in Dubai and increase its economy by more than $4 billion over the next five years. The Dubai Metaverse Strategy was unveiled by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on July 18. This strategy aims to make Dubai a global center for blockchain and crypto technologies.

Sheik Hamdan stated that the emirate already has nearly 1,000 companies in the crypto and blockchain space. This adds $500 million to the country’s economy. In order to provide safe and secure platforms for users and investors, the plan will establish global standards in the next few years. Modernized infrastructure and regulations will facilitate the adoption of crypto, blockchain, Web 3.0, and metaverse technologies.


Strategie and planning for 40000 metaverse jobs in Dubai

Cyber Gear’s chief metaverse officer Sharad Agarwal stated that the first thing a company should do when it enters the metaverse, is to find someone who can create a strategy. This includes a blueprint and roadmap for a step by step approach to building in the metaverse.

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“There are many building blocks in the metaverse, which require different skill sets. A strategic planning person is the first resource that a company will need. Metaverse is all immersive experiences. This means that companies will need AR and VR engineers, 3D graphic designers, artists, architects, and 3D drawing and building specialists to create digital twins.

According to state news agency WAM, the strategy focuses on fostering talent and investing future capabilities. It also provides support for metaverse education that targets developers, content creators, and users of digital platforms within the metaverse community.

WAM reports that Sheik Hamdan stated that the plan was crucial to maintain Dubai’s status as a hub for advanced metaverse technology and a leader in global adoption of digital solutions.

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Blockchain programmers

He also mentioned that a job as a Blockchain Programmer could be available in this field, since the metaverse must be built on a Blockchain platform.

NFT experts, content developers for 40000 metaverse jobs in Dubai

“Then, firms will require people who can integrate wallets and payment gateways. NFT-acquainted people are the next generation of people. NFT is a method of monetisation and a way to build loyalty programs, among other things. Metaverse companies will need content developers who are able to tell a story, also known as storytellers. They will be able create engaging and original content. Agarwal added that there will also be jobs available for people with existing networks on LinkedIn and Twitter, which will help to build an audience.”

He stressed the importance of building community and that it takes time to build it.

“Firms require expertise in all of these areas. He said that even one hole is dangerous if it’s not plugged correctly. Web3 isn’t about technology – it is about mindset. CEOs must be open to collaboration and not compete.

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Virtual jobs explained

George Foley, senior consultant with Michael Page, stated that virtual jobs are the driving force behind the creation of the metaverse. These are real jobs that have a significant impact on the economy and daily life. Please don’t be fooled by their virtual titles!

He stated, “The metaverse rapidly becoming a reality, and with that, we will need people who can build this virtual world for ourselves. This creates a new market for world builders, digital architects, and innovators. Foley said that we can expect to see adaptations of existing jobs, such as live ‘virtual performances’, digital salespeople, and customer service roles.”

Analysts estimate that the metaverse will contribute $5 trillion to the global economic growth by 2030. Dubai will be focusing on extended reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality as a key pillar of the strategic framework. New governmental models will focus on areas such as tourism, education and remote work.

Remote work, freelancers

Vijay Gandhi (regional director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Korn Ferry) said that remote work was rare 10 years ago.

We will see more professionals working in Dubai with flexible work-from home policies and advanced telework technology. The future of technology, fashion, and the service industry will be virtual jobs that do not require a physical location. Virtual roles such as web developers, digital tutoring, video editing and influencers on social networks, bloggers, freelance writers, and other roles will all thrive regardless of where they are located. Gandhi said that remote work is a notable trend in the future, given the high percentage of white-collar jobs done in offices.

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Omar bin Sultan Al Olama Minister of State for Digital Economy, Artificial Intelligence and Remote Work Applications said that the metaverse would be a key component in accelerating Dubai’s transformation into a global economic hub.

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Key sectors for 40000 metaverse jobs in Dubai

Yoshi Markets CEO and co-founder Arshad Khan said that there would be many job opportunities as part of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy.

Virtual jobs in education and training are expected to increase on a fundamental level. This is due to the rise in online education at schools, universities, and other institutions that took place over the last two years in response to the coronavirus pandemic. He said that the future-oriented metaverse technologies are expected to provide jobs in the crypto and blockchain sectors, as well as artificial intelligence, startups and entrepreneurship.

Crypto jobs

“The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry gave birth to technologies such as NFTs and metaverse, so it is likely that crypto-based jobs in Dubai and the UAE will continue to grow. Digital economy is expected to flourish, with more content creation and software engineering being hallmarks of the technological and economic transformation. Khan also stated that functional expertise in areas such as machine learning, IoT and cybersecurity will continue to grow.”

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The September Metaverse Assembly will be held at Dubai’s Museum of the Future. This global event will bring together more than 300 experts and 40 specialist organisations to discuss the potential of the metaverse.

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