Best Caller Name Announcer Pro App

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Are you looking for best in-coming message and caller announcement for Android? You’ve found it! This SMS and caller name announcer pro app can identify the caller and announce it loudly.

Caller Name Announcer Pro App, the best caller name announcer to announce incoming messages and calls on you Android handset

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What Is Caller Name Announcer Pro App

Hello To Caller Name Announcer Pro, the top Android application that announces the name of the caller when you receive an inbound call or text messages. More efficient, faster and completely free, only available for Google Play and free for the next few weeks. This is a effective caller ID Android application, which can figure who called you instantly and before you pull out your mobile and look at the display to look up the contact number or message.

The new widget It’s possible to make use of the widget in the app to turn off or enable the announcements that are spoken. This will allow you to disable the system in a snap when you’re not in a position to listen to the announcements.

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The Caller ID announcer application can also identify unknown numbers on the phone to let you know who called even when the number isn’t on your contact list. The call announcement and SMS announcer application for Android is great when you’re at work on the road, driving or doing something else and need to turn your phone in hands-free mode. What’s the best part is that Caller Name Announcer Professional? It’s free to download and use on anyone who is an Android users, phone, or phone.

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When you’re driving or performing an activity that is important and you don’t want to accept any text or call messages. That’s why you need an announcement system for callers is vital. Find out who is calling without having to answer the phone making use of our system for alerting you to calls. It’s a pain to receive telemarketer or other spammers when you’re working on something important and you can’t be distracted. How can you determine who is calling you when the you receive incoming calls? How can you determine who’s phone number to take and which text message is important to read and respond to promptly when you are in hands-free mode?

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The answer to your problems is CALLER NAME Announcer Pro.

As the developers of the best tool to identify callers for calls and SMS, we are aware that it isn’t difficult to find an application that announces calls that is free and effective in the same time. Caller Name Announcer Pro can announce the name of the caller when you receive calls. It informs you who’s calling you before you glance at the telephone. Caller Name Announcer is linked to our Caller ID feature that allows our announcer app to recognizes unknown callers and lets it can tell you whether you should take calls or decline. Its Android SMS announcer function will announce that the user’s name is announced. sending you texts. Like our call announcer feature our SMS announcer feature is also linked to our database of phone numbers and is able to recognize unidentified numbers that send you text messages.

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Caller Name Announcer Pro App
Caller Name Announcer Pro App


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Caller Name Announcer Pro App Top Features:

  • Our app can identify the texts and callers and announces it loudly, serving as a caller verification system as well as a caller name speaker warning system.
  • Determine who called you, or make text messages available prior to taking the time to look at your phone by using our smart caller ID display.
  • Identify unknown phone numbers and Caller IDs that aren’t in your Contact List using our Caller ID feature.
  • Our in-coming message announcer and SMS announcer are most user-friendly option for Android users.
  • Switch ON or OFF our caller announcer function however you’d would like. You can customize it completely. 
  • Built-in Caller ID function to help identify unidentified callers and SMS message senders.
  • Saving and call back missed call numbers, complete call numbers and no answer number.
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