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BharatAgri App : BharatAgri is a smart Farming with Agriculture Application for Farmers
BharatAgri has been able to make a mark by providing assistance to over 10 Lakhplus Indian farmers who are doing smart farming across India.

BharatAgri App is an Smart Kisan & Smart Farming App for farmers using the latest Agri technology strategies (Kheti Badi) with the assistance of the latest technology such as Smart Satellite Mapping, Weather Forecasting and Soil Testing and water Testing to boost farmers’ total farm income. If you’re also looking for yourself to be “Smart farmer”, install and utilize this BharatAgri App (khetii the eNp or Krishi App) and receive the highest quality farmer assistance.

What is the importance of important is the “BharatAgri App the Krushi Application” to Smart Farming?

The negative effects of unpredicted weather on agriculture are recognized by us and can result in losses for farms. Therefore, it is imperative to have a forecast for weather and pest and disease control, and proper and prompt guidance from experts in crop management to ensure that your crops grow better. With the help of Smart Farming practices & access to necessary information, BharatAgri Farmers have been able to increase their farm income by Rs25,000-Rs50,000/acre.

What is the importance of Crop Management, Crop Information & Crop Advisory for farmers?

It is crucial to receive the right crop advice at the appropriate time and cost. The agriculture sector is expanding quickly, and requires the implementation of new techniques for farming like Fertilizer Control Weather Forecast, Kheti News, and Mandi Bhav (mNddii bhaav) because traditional methods or inadequate management of the farm could lead to losses. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install a reliable app for farmers that acts to protect crops tool and helps improve crop management boosting the overall farm revenue of the farmers.

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What are the reasons a farmer should opt for the BharatAgri App Smart Sarkari App?

Personalize Crop Calendar & Good Crop Advisory (piik sllaa) aids farmers with tasks on their farms that involve Nutrient management Irrigation control, Crop security and so on. Through the BhraratAgri App (kRssi ENP) the farmer can gain the ability to access Krushi Gyan (kRssii jayaan) by Agriculture experts (kRssii tjny) and this information can help the farmer become an intelligent farmer.

Farmers (kisaan/shetkrii) receives crop advice and crop-related information from selecting the crops to harvesting using the most effective techniques for agronomy, leading to a 60 percent increase in crop production and as much as 40% lower costs for cultivation.

Personalized Crop Calendar (vyktigt piik/phsl sevaa)

BharatAgri App gives you a custom crop calendar, which is provided with BharatAgri Super Seva and designed specifically by each individual farmer as well as the crop with the help of An Agri Doctor. This Crop Calendar helps increase the production of the farm. It functions as a Kisan Suvidha/Kisan app which assists farmers to increase the amount of crops produced.

Pest & Disease Management to protect crops

Guard your crops from insects and diseases beforehand and get recommended solutions by BharatAgri Krushi Doctors using BharatAgri Chat and Seva (kisaan netvrk)

Satellite Images of the farm you own

You can now monitor the development of the vegetation of your farm any time with live satellite images and take preventive measures to combat pests and diseases. This can help farmers with organic farming and the integrated management of their crops.

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Forecast Forecast

Get an accurate forecast of the weather for your farm and alerts regarding rain forecasts or any change in the climate for up to 3 days before. With the app’s weather prediction assistance farmers can take measures before the weather changes, which could affect the production of their crops, creating one of the significant Kisan Suvidha!

Soil Testing & Water Testing

Have your soil & Water tested with the assistance by an Agri doctor and know the report on nutrient availability by Crop Experts.

chat, phone and Video Call Support from Agri Doctors

The farmer is provided with priority assistance through chat, phone or Video Call by Krushi Doctor/Agri Doctor who provides a personalized crop advice, accurate weather forecast and solutions for almost all issues on the farm (apnii khetii)

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