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Design My Home App : Welcoming to Design My Home Makeover App. Take part in the most exciting house design game that is a words puzzle! Help customers decide, design and decorate their homes, and turn their ideas into reality with incredible home renovations! Can you solve all the anagrams and crosswords?

Test your brain with the most fun online home design word scrabble game. Find fun word puzzles that will help you design and decorate, remodel and restore and fix, flip and give your dream home a complete transform with stunning decor.

The objective of the game is designing, embellish and create, then makeover flip, fix or renovate the mansion or house of your client or house and play exciting word games. Be the best home designer, as a lot of families rely on you to fix or renovate their homes that are down and out repairer-uppers!

Learn more about the world and show your interior design skills by searching and scrabling terms, find crosswords, and achieve the highest score in this no-cost offline Word search for Design My Home App.

Design My Home App : GAME FEATURES:

“House Design”:

A wide-ranging addictive game of puzzle. A variety of styles at your choice! Build, makeover designs, remodel or decorate, then fix and flip over other people’s dream mansions, homes and even homes on your own and make them satisfied!

You can express yourself with an amazing array of top-quality furniture flooring, lighting, and many other options for decor. Refresh your perception of design change the color of walls and flooring, as well as furniture positions to create a harmonious atmosphere. You can customize every single piece of furniture. Just the way you like it! Anywhere in the world and any color you want! you decide!


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Make mansions, homes, and houses that have traditional interior styles or opt for Modern? You decide, you design! Rebuild old interior designs for stunning makeovers using strong accents, pops vibrant color, fashionable fixtures and finishes.

The Furniture Design in Design My Home App

Learn the various styles of furniture and become a true professional decorator. Every client will be with their own style challenge! Revitalize a variety of fixer-uppers that need your design eye for interiors including bathrooms, kitchens living rooms, decks offices and much more!

Multiple mansions / houses or houses:

Not content with building, decorating and designing, or restoring just one mystery house, and only one tale of fantasy? There are plenty of homes to construct and flip, create or craft, remodel and restore, or create and enjoy! Renovate and design different designs for rooms like spacious living spaces that are family-friendly and rustic kitchens, chic bathrooms, chic bedrooms exclusive study rooms, fantastic workplaces and chilled-out decks!

Different Stories: Design My Home App

Work with a variety of types of clients. Help a variety of HGTV clients, such as brothers and celebrities, families newlyweds turn their fantasies into reality. Design the most amazing home or fixer-upper for celebrities, brothers and families with children. Help them design, create decor, embellish, remodel, restore flip, fix and transform their old homes, broken homes and old mansions to beautiful dreams of transforms.

The most exciting crossword levels test and improve your vocabulary, spelling and word proficiency for no cost. Take advantage of the most comprehensive choice of word search games and word scrabble games anagrams, crosswords and anagrams. Combine words to play crossword solver. A cleverly designed crossword game that allows you to improve your cognitive abilities by linking, searching words, and solving anagrams. Find crossword puzzles to solve and enjoy amazing brain-puzzle fun in the most addicting Word Search game.


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Get numerous rewards and make them available to you as you impress your customers by adorning their mansion, house or home of their dreams with stunning stunning transforms. Scramble through and hunt for words to find all the solutions and answers to the crosswords.
It isn’t necessary to be a home flipper or have any experience in house building and interior design decorating, decorating renovations, restoring, or flipping. Design My Home Makeover is an absolutely free game to play.

Design My Home App

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