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Draw Easy App : What is Tracing? It is a method of transferring an image to line drawings from photos or other artwork. It is a matter of placing your tracing sheet over the image and trace the lines you can see. Then, draw it on tracing paper and Draw it.
With this application, you can study how to draw or trace.

How does Draw Easy App work?

Select any image in the gallery, or create an image using the camera and then add the filters. Once you apply the filter, you’ll see the image displayed on the camera’s screen, but with transparency. Then, you need to place drawing paper or any other book that you wish to draw and trace. Your image will not show on paper but will be a clear image on the camera, so that you can draw it onto paper.
– Draw on paper while looking at the phone using an image that is transparent.Select an image to change it to an image that traces.

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Show a list of images from the device and allow a user to select images for tracing and drawing.
Camera – Show the image traced on camera and draw it onto paper. Additionally, it’s utilized to draw and capture images on paper.

By using this method, you can be able to learn and practice drawing. Making tracing images simple. Simply select an image in the app or gallery and apply a filter to make the image that is traceable. The image will show on the screen, with the camera open. Position the phone at a distance of 1ft and gaze into the phone. Then draw on the paper.

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The Main Highlights of Draw Easy App :

  • If you trace images using camera output on the phone’s screen the image will not show up on paper, but you trace it and then draw it similar to the same.
  • Write on paper while watching phone’s image and camera opened.
  • Choose any image you like as a sample to draw it on your sketchbook.
  • Select any image from the gallery, and then convert it into tracing image and sketch it on a blank piece of paper.
  • Transparentize image or draw lines to create your artwork.

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Conclusion :

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