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 About DuckDuckGo App

Are you fed up with being constantly tracked online? We can help. DuckDuckGo app is the one-stop privacy application that protects the activities you conduct online. When you download it, you’ll get an all-new browser for everyday use that provides seamless protection from the majority of third-party trackers as you browse and search as well as protection against tracking for receiving emails as well as other applications for your mobile device. With DuckDuckGo app privacy, you can make it your primary choice.

DuckDuckGo App | Best Privacy Browser

Privacy, simplified. One app that is supercharged Four types of privacy security.

DuckDuckGo App Features

Google Search privately – Google DuckDuckGo app Private Search comes built-in so you can browse the internet without being followed.

Block tracking cookies Stop the majority of third-party cookies from tracking your when you move between sites.

Stop Website Trackers from Loading before they load We automatically block the majority of concealed trackers (3rd-party scripts) from loading, preventing companies from collecting and storing any personal data gathered by these trackers. Our state-of-the-art technology for blocking trackers – known as 3rd-Party Tracker Protection surpasses what is offered by the majority of popular browsers, by default.

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Automatically enforce encryption Smarter encryption requires many websites you visit within DuckDuckGo app to make use of encryption (HTTPS) connection when it is it is available, securing your information from the prying eyes of others.

Block Trackers of Email (Beta) — 70 percent of emails track your account as soon as you open the email. By enabling Email Protection, you can get an simple way to block many email trackers, and also hide your email address without changing services.

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Secure Your Privacy on Additional Apps (Beta) -Block the majority of hidden trackers from other applications, day or night and block third-party businesses from violating your privacy through App Tracking Security. Please refer to the below for notes and links for more details. Join the waitlist for the beta version that is free via the app’s settings menu.

The DuckDuckGo app comes with the features you’ve come to expect from a browsing app such as bookmarks and tabs and privacy controls that you’ll appreciate. Being in control of your privacy doesn’t need to be a sacrifice.

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Click Fire Button, Burn Data Clear your browser tabs and browsing history using a single tap of the Fire Button.

Signify Your Privacy Preference using GPC It is built into the application, Global Privacy Control (GPC) will help users exercise their opt-out right automatically, by telling websites to not disclose or sell your personal data. The extent to which it can serve to enforce rights (for instance, for present or the future CCPA and GDPR obligations) is contingent on the laws that apply to your region.

We’re highlighting our 3rd Party Tracker Loading Protection after DuckDuckGo app advertisement clicks The 3rd-Party Tracker Protection is above and over what is offered by the top browsers by default, however we’re always trying to expand it to include more features. At present when an advertiser wishes to monitor conversions on their own site to our private DuckDuckGo app advertisements Our 3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection won’t prevent requests from loading on the advertiser’s site in the wake of this app ads, however these requests are blocked in any other situation. This is due to the fact that DuckDuckGo app private search advertising is a collaboration with Microsoft. In the context of this partnership, the viewing of ads on DuckDuckGo app is completely anonymous. Microsoft has pledged to not tracking our users’ clicks on ads.

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There’s no need to wait long to restore your privacy. Join the millions using DuckDuckGo app to safeguard a lot of your daily online activities using only one application. It’s privacy, simplified.