Do You Want To Download Your Friends Whatsapp Status Easily

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Friends liked WhatsApp status but can’t download?  So the simple trick of adopting will be playing the pinch download

Friends liked WhatsApp status but can't download?
Whatsapp Status


The company has added many new features to the app in view of the growing use of the instant messaging app.  In the new update of WhatsApp you will find many features like Always Mute, new storage UI, tools and media guidelines.  Apart from that, many features are also being tested on beta version from WhatsApp Rough.

These features will be offered to Android users first.

If you want to download someone’s status, you can do it with these steps.

So let us know how much users will benefit from this feature.

Whatsapp’s Status feature is very much liked by the users.  In which photos, videos can be shared.  If you like a friend’s Whatsapp Status, how do you save it?  You may be taking a screenshot of it.  But you often have to crop it if there is someone’s name or message in it. However, there is also a way by which you can save Whatsapp Status

Friends liked WhatsApp status but can't download?
Whatsapp Status


Download Whatsapp Status like this:


  •  For this you have to download an application called Status Saver.  You can find this app on the Google Play Store.



  •  Then you open Whatsapp and go to the Status page.  Then select the contact whose status you want to share.



  •  Now open the Status Saver app.  This app will scan and show all the statuses.  You will also have the option to select any media from here.  Click on the photo if you want to download the photo and click on the video if you want to download the video.
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  • Tap on the status you want to save and download it.  All you have to do is save the status in your phone


Download Whatsapp Status This Way Without Third Party App

Friends liked WhatsApp status but can't download?
Whatsapp Status


Whatever status we want, Whatsapp can download it.  You can see it that way.


  • First you open the file manager.
  • Go to Settings by going to Internal Storage.
  • Here you have to enable Show Hidden Files.
  • Then go to the internal storage and select the Whatsapp folder.
  • Here you have to select Media.
  • Where you will find the .Statuses file where you will find all the statuses.
  • From here you can copy any image or media wherever you want.


Here’s how to download someone else’s status


  • With the help of this trick you can easily download WhatsApp statuses.
  • This trick is only for Android users.
  • To download WhatsApp status, you need to install Status downloader for Whatsapp app in the phone.
  • Then as soon as you open the app, two options will appear.
  • The first is to chat and the second is a status downloader.
  • Click on another status downloader.
  • People will see the shared photo and video as soon as they click.
  • Now click on the photo and video you want to download.
  • As soon as you click, the photo and video will be stored in the status downloader folder present in the file manager.





Always Mute –

This feature allows you to mute a chat via WhatsApp for one year.


The new feature will work for both group and individual chats.

WABetaInfo also states that the feature will not appear immediately and may be enabled in a few days.

Many users using the beta version of WhatsApp say that they will not get this feature at present.

We’re also using the beta app, but are currently showing a new user interface design.

WhatsApp ગ્રૂપમાં જોડાવો!