How to download deleted photo from WhatsApp, this is the easiest way

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Easiest way, How to download deleted photo from WhatsApp.

You are suffering from deleted photos form whatsapp and Think about How to download deleted photo from WhatsApp?? On the popular messaging platform WhatsApp, users can download multimedia for up to 30 days. In this case, if any of your WhatsApp photos or videos have been deleted, they can be re-downloaded. However, after more than 30 days of downloading photos and videos, they are deleted from WhatsApp’s servers and cannot be re-downloaded.

How to download deleted photo from WhatsApp
How to download deleted photo from WhatsApp

Gmail is the simplest solution for Android users to secure their photos, videos and other attachments on WhatsApp. Every Android phone has a Gmail account linked by default. WhatsApp data can be kept safe with the help of Linked Gmail account. Users can back up data to Google Drive by going to the app’s settings and then restoring it on any device.


Files can be downloaded again from WhatsApp. Content cannot be viewed again if the entire conversation has been deleted. If not, open WhatsApp and Chats. Then scroll to the file you want to download and tap this file that appears blurred and it will be downloaded again. However, this cannot be done 30 days after the file is received.


Doing so often results in a WhatsApp error message appearing and typing on the screen. First of all, check if your phone has an active internet connection in ‘can’t download, please ask that it be resent to you?’ Other than that, it is important that your phone’s data and time are correct as you will not be able to connect to the WhatsApp server if the date is incorrect. Other than that the WhatsApp error message appears even if the storage apps on your device are not emptied.

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