How to Know WiFi Password on Android Mobile, iPhone, Windows and macOS

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Here’s a step-by step guide for determining the WiFi password for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS platforms.

Inadvertently forgetting the WiFi login password can be more prevalent than you realize. A lot of people connect their laptop and smartphone on their local WiFi network only to forget their password this can be a problem when you have to connect to a new device or share your password with friends or relatives. If you’ve not saved the WiFi password somewhere that is easy to access there is good news that there are many methods to discover the password. There are many methods to find the WiFi password for any router or network that has been saved across various platforms. In this post, we’re going to provide the steps to find for the WiFi password for Android, iOS, Windows Activate and macOS platforms. Therefore, with no further delay let’s get started.

How to Know WiFi Password on Windows PC or Laptop

There are many ways to determine the WiFi password for PC or laptop running Windows. You are able to easily identify the password for that WiFi connection or network you’re currently connected to. To do this you should take these steps:

  • Start your Start Menu and look to find Network Status. Or, click right on the WiFi icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click to Open Network & Internet Settings.
  • Click on Change Adapter Options. An additional window should appear which will display how to connect Wi-Fi.
  • Double click on the Wi-Fi after that click Wireless Properties.

After that, you’ll see two options: Connection as well as Security. Click Security, then click the box that says Show Characters. By doing this, you’ll be able to view the password for that WiFi or Modem that you have connected.

It is interesting to note that there is an option to find the password of any other networks you have saved for Windows-powered devices. All you have take is to go through these procedures:

  • Go to the Start Menu and start typing Command Prompt.
  • Use the following command to show the profile: netsh wlan
  • The list will show of registered WiFi networks. Select the one you wish to find the password on and then execute the following command: netsh : wlan display the profile **** key=clear. (Replace **** * with the the name of the network you have found in the listing).
  • After that, you’ll find the WiFi password for the particular modem or network under Security Settings.

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How to Know WiFi Password on macOS Laptops

There is also a method to determine the password for the WiFi networks in macOS. The operating system comes with an application dubbed Keychain Access. Keychain Access keeps record of all passwords you’ve saved within your macOS. By using the app it is possible to easily identify the WiFi password for any WiFi network attached to the MacBook and Mac. Additionally, you can activate Windows 10 free – Read More. Here’s the step-by-step method to find the WiFi passwords on macOS:

  • Start Keychain Access on your Mac. Keychain Access app on your Mac.
  • There’s an option at the top of the toolbar that is called Passwords. Click it.
  • In the search bar, type in the domain name for the company that you’d like to know the password. Once you’ve done that, double-click on the network’s name.
  • A pop-up window will open with the details of the network. Click on Show Password. The system will then ask you for your administrator credentials.
  • After entering your password for the system and confirm it, you will be able see the password for WiFi network. WiFi network.
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How to Know WiFi Password on Android Mobile

Android provides a way to find stored WiFi passwords quickly. If you’re running Android 10 or later, you may be able to see the WiFi passwords of saved networks on your phone. To do this you must adhere to these guidelines:

  • Visit the Settings app, then select WiFi and Network.
  • Click on the lock or gear icon next to the saved or connected network that you require the password for.
  • Click on Share Password. It is possible that you will need either your fingerprint or pin number to unlock the screen.
  • Then, you’ll find a QR code on your screen, and the password written beneath it.
  • You may choose to share the password directly or if it’s a difficult one request whom you’d like to give it out look up the QR code on their mobile phone.

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How to Know WiFi Password on iOS Mobiles

Locating the WiFi password for an iOS device can be a bit difficult. Apple is very strict with security and privacy. This is the reason it’s difficult to determine the WiFi password for the saved networks you have saved on your iPhone. But there is a alternative. For that you’ll need an macOS machine. This guide is not compatible with every Windows laptop or computer. Therefore, if you own an macOS system and want to find the check WiFi password for iOS then you must adhere to these guidelines:

  • On your iPhone you can go to Settings and then select the option iCloud. You will see Keychain. Keychain option. Switch it on.
  • Then, go back to Settings and then turn on Personal Hotspot.
  • On your Mac connect to the personal hotspot on your iPhone. After the hotspot has been connected to your Mac then you’ll be able to open Spotlight to search (CMD+Space) and then type Keychain Access.
  • Enter and you will be able to look up the WiFi network to which you’ll need to know the password.
  • A pop-up window which will show you the information on the organization. Click on Show Password. The system will then ask you for your administrator credentials.
  • After that, you’ll be able to view the password for your WiFi network.

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How To View Saved WiFi Password

It’s possible to get access to the Wi-Fi password on your Android smartphone , but it’s not an easy process. It’s much simpler to gain access to it when your device is root or running Android 10. However, if you don’t have you can still access it using options to access it without having the device to be rooted. Here are several different ways to view the stored WiFi password.

1. How do I find the WiFi passwords for devices running Android 10

Android provides a variety of ways to check the Wi-Fi passwords you have saved. If you’re using Android 10 for later on your smartphone , you might be able to see the Wi-Fi passwords of the network you have saved from your smartphone. Here are the steps to adhere to.

  1. Start your Settings app and then go to the ‘ Network & Internet option.
  1. Choose WiFi then on the following page , you will be able to see a list of the available Wifi networks. Under you will see ” Saved Networks
  2. In in the menu for saved networks, choose the WiFi that you wish to look up the password. Then, click on the small lock or gear icon beside the network you have saved.
  3. Click the Share button to the right, and you’ll be shown the QR code on the screen.
  4. In the lower part of the QR code displayed on the screen, you’ll be able to read the password in simple text.
  5. You can decide to give your password in person. You can also ask whom you wish to share it with take a picture of the QR code on their smartphone.

2. How to find the Wi-Fi password through your Wi-Fi router

You can also get access to your Wi-Fi password via the administrator section of the wireless router. It’s easy to access this via the router setup page application. The app is available in the Play store, and lets you access the administrator section of the wireless router. Once you’ve logged into your admin panel, you will be able to follow the steps below to see your WiFi password:

  1. Go to the admin panel of your wireless router.
  2. Then go to the “Settings page.
  3. Go to the wireless settings page, then click the “Wireless Security” option, and you will view your Wi-Fi password.

If you don’t wish to utilize”Router Setup page” app, you can use “Router Setup page” app you can access the administrator control panel for your router using any web browser. It is necessary to start a new tab and type as well as within the search field. This works for the majority of routers, if it does not work, you can browse the internet to find the router that is specific to your.

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3. How to find the WiFi passwords on Android Oreo or lower

Unfortunately, tablets and smartphones that are running stock Android 9 and lower cannot generate QR codes for Wi-Fi. You can however use any third-party application to generate the QR code to connect to your Wi-Fi. You can also generate the QR code on another device and utilize the Google lens application for scanning it for the QR code.


You can choose every QR code generation application downloaded from the Google Play Store and use the option to generate a QR codes to use your wi-fi. This QR codes can then be stored to your Gallery. Follow the following instructions to identify the Wifi password in your QR code.

  1. Start your Google lenses app. Tap the Lens icon within the Google app.
  2. You can then select your QR code you want to display from your gallery, or select the search option using your camera.
  3. After the QR code has been scrutinized, you’ll find your password and the Wi-Fi’s name in the list of results.

You could also use Google Photos application and search to an Google lens option. When the QR code is scant, you will be able to be able to see your Wi-Fi credentials in simple text. You can write down the details.

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4. How to Find the WiFi password of devices that are rooted Android devices

If you’re Android smartphone is running Android 9 or lower and you wish to see the password for your saved Wi-Fi network. You must use the app called Wifi Key Recovery from the Play store. It requires Root permissions, which implies that your device must be root. It will only work when the TWRP application is installed the phone and then install Magisk to root. If your phone is rooted it will open numerous ways through that you can examine the password that you saved for your Wi-Fi. There are numerous apps available in the Play Store that claims to display the Wi-Fi username and password. One that performs very well is Wi-Fi Password Viewer from SimoneDev. Here’s how you can utilize it.

1. Open the Wi-Fi password viewer application and give it the Superuser access

2. Give the permission by tapping on the ‘Grant’ button when the pop-up window appears. This will take users to the WiFi connection you joined. It’ll display every login of the password under the Wi-Fi’s name.

3. If you’ve been connected to several different Wi-Fi networks, the list of networks may be extensive and you can look for it by using the search option.

After you have gotten that done now, you’re able to find quickly your lost password! It’s simply following these simple steps and you’ll get it done in just a few minutes.

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