Learn Pagemaker 7.0 User Interface

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Learn Pagemaker 7.0 Learn User Interface

Pagemaker 7.0

Pagemaker has always been a pioneer in the field of publishing, Pagemaker 7.0 was created by Aldous Company and was later accepted by Adobe Corporation, since then its credibility has increased, although many versions of PageMaker have come on the market but PageMaker’s edgy version or Some elements were added in the version that the publishing work started happening very fast, in this software we can design visiting cards, biodata, books, magazines, newspaper letterpad, pamphlets etc. Read also: Download JioPages – Safe, Fast and Powerful Web Browser

Features of Adobe PageMaker Features of Adobe PageMaker 7.0

Earlier versions of PageMaker had some deficiencies that they could not succeed in, the computer world is a place where there is a new experiment everyday, removing these same drawbacks of PageMaker in the new version 7.0 in Adobe Corporation. Introduced in the market, a lot of changes were made in it, and some new features were added, many templates were added to make the publication of any page, which only comes out when the pagemaker is opened, using We can create any design we want in minutes, the first time the toolbar was added to PageMaker 7.0, with this toolbar you are given the option to save, print, text formatting and spell checking the file, even the clip in PageMaker 7.0 Art has also been added, such as clip art has been given in MS Word, from where you can add your favorite clip art to the publication. Read also: Netflix announces ‘free subscription’ offer, find out the details

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Toolbox –

This is a box of tools used when working in Pagemaker 7.0, there are 14 types of tools available to help you create a publication, actually a file created in PageMaker 7.0. Is called Publication. It can be moved anywhere conveniently. When a new Publication is created in Pagemaker or an already created Publication is opened. That is when the Icons in the Tool Box are visible. If for some reason the Tool Box is not visible, then by opening the Window menu and clicking Show Tools, Publication Text and Graphics can be edited in Pagemaker by Tool Box.


Download PageMaker form here

Standard Tool Bar –

Standard Tool Bar is given in the form of a strip just below Pagemaker’s Menu Bar, in which the most commonly used Top Commands like, New, Open, Save, Print, find etc. Are given in the form of icons, which you can use directly while working in publication. Read also: Download Best App For Number Locator – Live Mobile Location

Ruler Guides –

Ruler guides are used to indicate the length, width of the page, but it can also be moved when needed. Ruler guides are the left and top of the Publication.


Control Palette –

Usefull options like Font, Font Sige, Bold, italic, Underline, Line Spacing etc. are given in it. Which helps in doing any kind of editing while working in Publication. Read also: Do You Want To Change Your Face? Then Face App-Face Editor Is Best App

Page Border –

This allows the page to know the status of a page when creating a publication or while typing something, it shows the outer boundaries of the page, if your typed matter goes outside the page border. He does not print while extracting the print.

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Margin Guides –

Margin Guides is used to define your Typing Areas inside a page, just like how the page boundaries indicate page boundaries. It appears as a thin blue line on the page.


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