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Life360 Live Location Sharing App : Life360 simplifies family safety so that you can live life more completely. Every day, further than 50 million members around the world trust us to cover and connect them with their family and musketeers.

Partake your real- time position with your musketeers and family, and keep everyone connected. With position sharing, you can fluently track your kiddies’ whereabouts and partake your own position with them. This point allows your kiddies to check if you are on your way to pick them up from academy, practice, or their friend’s place, furnishing peace of mind for everyone involved. Plus, with Place cautions, you do not indeed need to open the app to know when your kiddies have left academy and arrived home safely. We will notify you with a drive announcement, giving you indeed more peace of mind.

Features of Life360 Live Location Sharing App

upset about battery drain? Life360 has the smallest battery drain of all locator apps on the request. Our advanced algorithm helps us decide when to modernize your position, so we noway just leave your GPS on.

Then are some of our crucial features that you can use when you register with Life360

Place cautions See when your musketeers and family members get home from academy, leave work, or start warming up on the practice field. When you ’re all busy doing your thing, Place cautions keep you in the know.

position History See an ongoing timeline of your children’s appearances and goings, organised by day. fluently review once passages and indeed see how important time you and your family members are spending in specific locales.

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SOS Alert If you ever feel unsafe or are in an exigency, SOS sends a silent help warn with your position to your Circle and exigency connections.

Crash Detection Life360 Live Location Sharing App Crash Detection can smell collisions over 25mph. Our safety point uses your device’s detectors to descry if you’ve been in a auto accident and sends an alert to your exigency connections with your position.

Low Battery announcement- Life360 is suitable to display the battery position of each Circle member and can shoot an alert when a Circle member’s battery position is low, so you can rest easy with peace of mind.

motorist Reports Peace of mind when you ’re not on for the lift. See how motorists in your Circle did on the road this week. The Life360 motorist report includes an assessment for each drive that covers high speed, phone operation, hard retardation, and rapid-fire acceleration as well as a motorist score- so you can see who’s a safe motorist in the family!

Bubbles We all need to do our own thing formerly in a while. A Bubble lets you temporarily show only your general position for a set period of time for a little sequestration. Your Circle will see only your general whereabouts, while all safety features stay on.

Life360 Live Location Sharing App makes it easy to stay connected, informed, and safe. Register moment and keep your loved bones close.

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