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Get Helpful Tips On colorful Factory conditions & Medicines On Our Farmers Community. Plantix app is the most prominent digital kheti badi platform for growers. We’ve designed a user-friendly and straightforward app with which you can directly descry crop conditions within a many seconds. Then’s the perfect result for crop opinion that will help boost your yield.

Our online planter- centric platform is always ready to empower growers by helping them acquire the proper knowledge about husbandry. We also help you connect with our strong planter community to get timely and precious advice regarding seeds, diseases, and fungicides.

So, why stay? Begin your husbandry trip with our agrarian app.

Why Choose Plantix App

  • Free Crop opinion: You’ll get a free crop opinion by transferring us a picture of your crop. Our expert crop croakers
    will break your problem incontinently.
  • Quick Treatment: Our online platform helps diagnose infected crops and offers treatment for any complaint or nutrient insufficiency problems.
  • Boost Your Crop product: Now, it’s abecedarian to increase your crop product by following our app’s effective agrarian practices and husbandry ways.
  • Get civilization Tips: Plantix app give you an immediate action plan with civilization tips and extraordinary preventative measures to cover your crops from colorful conditions.
  • Use Fertilizer Calculator: Take the help of the calculator available on our app to calculate the toxin demands for your crop grounded on the plot size.
  • Join Our Plantix app: Community Our online planter community is the one- stop result for getting all the answers to your crop- related questions.
  • Get Expert Guidance: Our platform is the largest social network of growers. thus, we will always give you genuine guidance from our agrarian experts worldwide.
  • Weather Forecast: Now, you’ll get accurate rainfall vaticinations for your ranch by using our app. It’s salutary for growers to take preventives beforehand, which can vastly affect crop product.
  • Record Your Conditioning: According to the rainfall conditions, we also help you record your agrarian conditioning including sowing, scattering, weeding, & harvesting.
  • Crop Advisory: It’s essential to get a proper crop advisory at the right time and price. growers can choose their crops to bring scientific and specialized advice for colorful crop stages. Our platform covers the complete details of thirty major crops with a package of the rearmost agrarian practices like toxin control, crop companion, pest companion,etc.
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Features Of Plantix App

  • Fete Crop Disease snappily: You get automated diagnostics for further than 500 encyclopedically linked crop conditions. The primary ideal is to make slice- edge image recognition technology specializing in detecting crop pathogens. The technology is substantially helpful for agrarian purposes and provides outstanding results.
  • Get Real: Time Updates Our database constantly improves quality and diversity to give growers with real- time updates. The main end is to descry further crop conditions per day from the image database.
  • Easy To Use: The app has a simple and stoner-friendly interface for easy navigation. thus, it’s simple for you to get quick recommendations from our community experts for your crop treatment.
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Plantix App - Your Crop Doctor
Plantix App – Your Crop Doctor

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