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Popular Fairs in India Full details

Hi, Friends Welcome to Kirtithakkar today we come with the famous fairs in India. India is a great historical country. Today we describe about all fairs in India.

Tarnetar Fair:

The Tarnetar fair has historical, mythological, and religious significance in folk fairs. Bhadarva Sud is held for 3 days in the vicinity of Trinetreshwar Mahadev in Thangarh of Surendranagar district. In the Puranas, it is written about Trinetreshwar Mahadev that he offered 1000 lotuses to the idol of Shivaji and when 1 lotus was missing, his eye was fixed on Shivaji, hence he was called Trinetreshwar Mahadev.

Shivaratri Fair:

Junagadh district hosts 11 fairs during the year. In which the prominent importance of Bhavnath’s fair. The fair is held in the vicinity of Bhavnath Mahadev on the banks of the river Suvarnarekha at the foothills of Gir in Junagadh. This fair is organized every year on the occasion of Mahashivaratri from Mahavad Agiyaras to Amas.

Bhavnath is worshiped at the midnight of Mahashivaratri in the famous Bhavnath fair. In this fair, a large number of monks, saints, and nagabavas gather from all corners. It is believed that some of the Nagabawa do not appear outside after bathing in the oasis.

Madhavpur Sheep Fair:

The fair is organized from Chaitra Sud Nom to Chaitra Sud Teras in the Madhavpur-Ghed area in the Porbandar district of Saurashtra. In this fair, the marriage of Madhavaraya i.e. Shri Krishna and Rukmini takes place. In which people from all over the country flock to see the four rounds of God’s blossoming, samaiyu theft. Nine married couples especially join this fair.

Somnath Karthik Poonam Fair:

The Lokmelas held in Saurashtra are of great cultural significance. Bhatigal Mela is organized in the company of Somnath Mahadev from Teras to Poonam of Kartak month.

Naklang Fair:

The fair is held in the vicinity of Naklang Mahadev at the temple of Naklang Mahadev held in Bhadarvi Amas in Koliyak of Bhavnagar district. Loksamudai coming from the villages around Bhavnagar is special. The temple of Naklang Mahadev can be seen only when it is in the middle of the sea.

Kuchchh Fair:

The culture, arts, and customs of Kutch are unique. The largest Kutch district in India hosts 12 fairs during the year.

In which, Shitalasatamno, Hajipirno, Dadamekaranno, Yaksha Dada, Karol Pir, Ravadi Rathyatra, Ruknsapirno, Dabda Melo, Kuberpirno Melo, Toralno Melo, Ravechi Mataji No Melo become the center of attraction among the people.

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Ambaji Fair:

Ambaji is a holy pilgrimage site in Banaskantha district and one of the 51 Shakti Peeths. The Ambaji Temple hosts fairs in Kartak, Chaitra, Bhadarvo, and Aso Mas. In which Bhadarvi Punam fair is considered to be the biggest fair.

Bhadarvi Punam fair lasts for 3 days. Millions flock to the fair.

Bahucharaji’s Chaitri Punam Fair:

The temple of Bahucharaji Mataji in Mehsana district is one of the Shakti Peeths. This pilgrimage includes Adyasthan, Madhyasthan, and the main temple.

On the day of Chaitri Punam, Bahucharaji is celebrated in 4 manifest forms.

Shamlaji Fair:

Shamlaji is a magnificent town on the banks of the Meshwo and Pingala rivers on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The fair of Shamlaji is held at this place from Kartak Sud Agiyaras to Poonam.

On the days of the fair, Shamlaji is decorated with wonderful ornaments. The Shamlaji Fair is a symbol of faith and trust, especially among the people of North Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Chitra vichitra  Fair:

Picture-bizarre fair is held in Gunbhankhari village near Delwada village of Khedbrahma taluka in the Sabarkantha district of Gujarat. This fair is held on the day of Phaganavad Chaudhash.

A picture-bizarre fair is held in the memory of the brothers who gave up their bodies due to a mistake made by both the brothers.

katyok Fair:

The world-famous Matru Gaya Tirtha Siddhpur is home to the only temple of Lord Kartikeya in India. Devotees are thankful to see Lord Kartikeya in Siddhpur from Kartak Sud Agiyaras to Poonam to enjoy the Katyok Lokmelo.

Varana Fair:

Every year on the day of Maha Sud Nom, a folk fair is held in the vicinity of Khodiyar in Varana near Wadhiyar in Patan district.

According to the specialty of the fair, the story of Wadhiyar folklife of the entire Wadhiyar panth can be seen in this fair.

Palli Fair:

In Rupal village, 13 km from Gandhinagar, a village fair is held every year on the day of Aso Sud Nom under the patronage of Vardayi’s mother.

Approximately 4 lakh kg of ghee is anointed during the Palli Mela. The number of devotees is increasing every year due to the growing importance of Palli all over the world.

Vautha Fair:

Vaitha fair is held on the day of Kartak Sud Punam in Vaitha village of Dholka taluka of Ahmedabad. For the people of Bhal and Nalkantha, bathing in the sacred confluence of the seven rivers is of great importance. The donkey market is the center of attraction at this fair. More than 4,000 donkeys are sold in the market.

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Bharuch Fair:

During the year, 82 small and big fairs are held in Bharuch, the abode of Bhrigurishi. Some fairs are held every 18 years. All over India, only in Bharuch, the festival of Megharaja is celebrated on the day of Shravan Sud Nom.

Quant Fair:

The fair is held in the Kwant village of Chhotaudepur, the native place of the Rathwa tribes. The fair is held on the fifth day after Holi.

During the fair, the Rathva tribes place clay horses and other idols of the deity in the place of the deity.

Kwant fair is different from other tribal fairs but it is a fair that preserves and enlightens the culture.

Gai-Gauhari Fair:

The fair is held in Nadhelav village of Garbada taluka of Dahod. People of Bhil caste participate in this fair. Occurs on the day of the sitting year and brother seed.

The fair apologizes for the mistake made during the last year of sleeping in front of the animals. Along with cows, oxen are also worshiped at this fair.

Chool Fair:

Among the tribes, this fair is the nectar form. The fair is held on the day of Dhuleti in Gangardi of Dahod district and Raniyar village of Zhalod taluka.

The importance of walking on embers in this fair.

Gol Gadheda fair:

The famous “Gol-Gadheda” fair is held in the Panchmahal district. The fair is held on the fifth, seventh or twelfth day after Holi in Jessawada village of Garbada taluka.

In this fair, donkeys are beaten to get jaggery. Hence it is called the Round-Donkey Fair.

Dang Darbar:

The Dang Darbar fair is held in Ahwa every year on the days of Holi. The style and customs of the tribes are unique in this fair. The fair lasts for seven days. In which the court is filled and the complaints of the people are heard and disposed of on the spot.

Other fairs 31

1. Kumbh Mela:

Nashik, Ujjain, Prayag and
Held every twelve years in Haridwar.

2. Pushkar Fair:

Kartik in Pushkar, Rajasthan
A huge cattle fair is held on Purnima

3. Tarnetar No Melo:

Bhadarva Vad on 2-4-8
Held in Surendranagar district of Gujarat

4. Bhavnath’s fair:

on Mahashivaratri
Held in the foothills of Girnar in Gujarat.

5. Vautha Fair:

From Kartak Sud-11 to Poonam
Held in Dholka taluka of Ahmedabad district.

6. Madh Melo:

January in Allahabad –
Fills in February.

7. Volcano Fair:

Kangra Dhati, Himachal
In the region on Chaitra Sud-2, Aso Sud-2
Is filled.

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8. Sonpur Animal Fair:

India’s largest
Animal Fair Kartak Purnima Ganga in Bihar-
Held at the confluence of Gadak.

9. Janakimelo:

Sitamarhi of Muzaffarpur district
Is held on the day of Chaitra Sud-2.

10. Gaicharan No Melo:

Kartak in Mathura
Held on Gopa Ashtami in the month.

11. Ramdevji’s fair:

in Pokhran, Rajasthan
Bhadarva Sud – is paid from 9 to 11.

12. Baba Garibnath No Melo2:

Madhya Pradesh Na
Chaitra is held in the month of Shajapur district.

13. Kailash Melo:

Second Shravan in Agra
Takes place on Monday.

14. Mahamrutyunjay’s fair:

Rewa of Madhya Pradesh
Shivratri is held in the district.

15. Gangasar Fair:

In West Bengal
Held on the day of Capricorn.

16. Annakut Fair:

Kartak in Srinathdara
Held on the day of interest.

17. Fair of Jageshwari Devi:

Madhya Pradesh
Chaitra is held in the month of Chanderi.

18. Vaishali Fair:

Chaitra in Vaishali, Bihar
Held on the 13th day of Sud.

19. Sirajkund Sculpture Fair:

In the month of February
Takes place.

20. Mahavirhi Fair:

In Hindon, Rajasthan
Chaitra takes place in the month.

21. Ganesh Chaturthi Fair:

Sawai of Rajasthan
Ganesh Chaturthi in Ranthambore of Madhopur district
Takes place.

22. Rath Melo:

Chaitra in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh
Fills in months.

23. Kullu Fair:

In Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
The fair is held on the day of Dussehra.

24. Renukaji’s Fair:

Himachal Pradesh
Held in the month of November in Renukaji.

25. Rathyatra of Jagannath Puri:

Ashadh Sud
On the day of the seed is held in Puri.

26. Shamlaji Fair:

Sabarkantha of Gujarat
Kartak Sud in Shamlaji of the district – 11 to 12
Until the fair is full.

27. Ambaji No Melo:

In Banaskantha, Gujarat
Bhadarva Sud-Poonam is held in Ambaji.

28. World Book Fair:

February in Delhi
Takes place in the month.

29. Flag Fair:

On the fifth day of Chaitra in Dehradun
Is filled.

30. Dadri Fair:

Kartak Purnima in Balia
Is filled.

31. chosath jogni melo:

Chaitra in Varanasi at the fair of 64th Jogani
Interest is paid on the day of the unit.


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