Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav: Entry Timings, Parking, Menu-Medical

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Everything you want to know about Pramukswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav: Entry Timings, Parking, Menu-Medical etc.

Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav: The centenary festival of Saint Pujaya Shri Pramukhswami, who made Indian culture and eternal Hinduism proud in the world, is starting from today, i.e. from December 14, at Oganaj, Ahmedabad. For this festival, a huge Swaminarayananagar has been built on 600 acres of land on the banks of Sardar Patel Ring Road between Science City-Oganaj. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and manifest Brahmaswarup Mahantswami Maharaj will inaugurate Pramukhswami Maharaj Janm Shatabdi Mohotsav.

It is estimated that at least one lakh visitors will enter the month-long festival and 2 to 3 lakh visitors on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays. Thus, this festival is likely to attract more than one crore visitors during a month. Every detail has been meticulously planned for the management and orderliness of such a huge number of visitors. Cutouts of the heroes of the Amrit Mohotsav of Azadi are also placed in this town. The town has been designed to attract everyone from children to the youth as well as the elders. The public including more than 1 lakh devotees will be present in this inauguration ceremony. BAPS has worked day and night to maintain arrangements for the devotees and devotees in this festival, in which all facilities from food to bhajan will be available.

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From which day can you go and at what time can you enter in Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav?

Let’s start… the question everyone asks is pass required for entry or not? Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mahotsav has free entry for all from 15 December to 15 January daily from 2 pm to 10.00 pm and all day on Sundays. It does not require any kind of registration. The time before two o’clock is reserved for devotees. For that, the registration of the pilgrims to come as per the date has been done only by the Satsang Activity Central Office and the Satsang Activity Worker of that country. There is no public link, website or app for online registration even for the darshanthi. The public can enjoy the festival from 2.00 pm daily and throughout the day on Sunday without any pre-registration. Visitors should be careful not to provide personal information to any unauthorized person claiming to be registered for the festival or related event or mistakenly entering the app.

Enter through these entrances

Seven gateways have been constructed to enter Pramukhswami Nagar, with the main gateway for VVIPs, while devotees can enter through the remaining six gateways. There will be a washroom for visitors to freshen up as they enter the town through this entrance. After that Premvati as well as book stalls have been set up.

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After reaching Swaminarayana nagar this app will give all the answer

After reaching Swaminarayan Nagar, the first question will be about parking, but here arrangements have been made for that too. First install Psm100 app in your phone. Now, if we talk further, this app will act as a guide, in which the visitor will know the parking space by scanning a QR code and all the attractions of the festival will also get information about where and how to go through this app. Any information and information like how far the location is will be available through the app. Along with this, information and timings of all cultural programs running in the evening will also be available through this application. This app is in Gujarati, English and Hindi languages. This app will play the role of a Bhomiya especially when people coming from outside will install this app in their mobile. It will give information about any sightseeing place in every corner of the town and its route and time.

પ્રમુખસ્વામી મહારાજ શતાબ્દી મહોત્સવ Live જૉવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Don’t worry if a child or something is lost, 250 volunteers will help in Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav

Men and women teams will be on alert to help people visiting the town, with 250 men and women helping out with lost items. Visitors need not worry if there is no information and no knowledge of technology entering the town, the inquiry office and volunteers are ready to help on foot.

A missing child will be reported in this office

Devotees will also have mobiles and wallets and an inquiry office has also been set up for those who get lost or fall anywhere in the crowd, a volunteer will be present to help and help with a volunteer at every point by typing all the information on the computer. will come The volunteers will be roaming around with ‘How can I help’ belts on their dresses, so that anyone can recognize the volunteers and ask them for help in case of need. Any volunteer and Haribhakta who will be in this service will also have a mobile phone. So if the child is alone anywhere, he will be taken care of and reported to the inquiry office.

Volunteers are ready to leave their jobs for medical facilities in Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav

If any one needs medical facility, the support team will come to help immediately after informing the concerned department. In this team, one girl has come to the service from Dubai after leaving her job, while another sister has left her job and availed the centenary service. Regarding this, Sadhu Gnanavijaydas said that there is an application in Germany for all the information, which is ready-made and the private company has given it to the organization to use the application for the service. In this section information about the town will also be given, when the town will open and information regarding any direction will also be given in the inquiry section. It is worth mentioning that Hiral Vyas has left the job for this service.

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30 items from Paunbhaji to Khichdi can be found in Premavati

30 Premavatis have been erected at different places in the town for the public including the devotees visiting the town. In this Premvati, you will get items including snacks at cheap rates. Run by women, Premavati will offer paratha-shak, Swaminarayan khichdi, bhaji panu, dabeli and samosas as well as sandwiches for just Rs 20, while packets of namkeen will be available for just Rs 10. Premavati will start from 15th December.

Why was the name Premvati?

30 Premavatis to be set up in Pramukhswami nagar are to be managed by 2200 women. As many as 20 electric rickshaws will be supplied to deliver food to Premvati and Premvati’s menu has also been released, showing the prices of each item. Apart from paratha-shak, Swaminarayan khichdi, paumbhaji, dabeli, samosas, sandwiches and puffs, ready-made breakfast packets will also be available, as well as ice cream and cold drinks. Lord Sri Swamanarayan’s mother’s name was Premvati. Mother is Annapurna, feeding with love. This motive lies behind the name of this Prasadgriha.

You will find such things in prasadam in Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav

While there will be seven items in the Prasadam. It shows the details including how many grams the item will cost. While 9 types of breakfast packets will be of how many grams and what will be the price, the menu has also been prepared. Similarly, 13 types of cold drinks, how many milliliters of which cold drinks will cost, and 10 types of ice cream, which item, how many milliliters of ice cream, what price etc. have been prepared.

Over 2500 volunteers for parking arrangements

Special arrangements have also been made for the cleanliness of the huge festival site. Two and a half thousand volunteers are equipped with various types of sanitation-machinery for the cleanliness of each section of Pramukhswami Maharajnagar. Various plans have also been made here to make compost or other things i.e. best from waste, in which environment care has also been realized by making structures like waste baskets from discarded water bottles. Apart from this, there will be washrooms for men and women on both sides as soon as you enter the town. From there, Premvati and book stalls will be there. Premvati will be managed by women only. Food dishes will be served at normal rates in Premvati, which is run by a computerized system. More than 60,000 volunteers have joined the construction of the festival site. While more than 80,000 volunteers will be working till the end to maintain all these arrangements of the festival site.

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Two canteens-two hospitals for volunteers in Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav

Lakhs of devotees from home and abroad will gather in this festival. However, more than 50 thousand volunteers will serve in this festival. An isolation system has been set up for them by the organization and two canteens and two hospitals will also be set up for the volunteers serving in the town. Along with this, accommodation arrangements have also been made for visitors from the country and the world. As farmers, traders and industrialists have given land for Pramukhswami Nagar. Similarly, builders have also provided houses for the residence of devotees. In these houses, devotees coming from outside will be given 24-hour concession. Only devotees who have registered for it will be given the discount.

Children’s designed children will be enchanted

A special attraction of the festival is the BAPS Balnagari. This children’s city is a different city thought by children, built for children, run by children. The various presentations here will inspire the visiting children to become a better person in life. More than 6,500 child activity workers are serving in beautifying this child city, managed by more than 4,500 child-girl volunteers of the organization. Apart from various structures like artistic mascot, 3 exhibition halls, culture jewels, Shanti Thani Dham, Balsnehi Udyaan, Balmandal Express, more than 150 children will entertain the children with dance, song-music, speeches in two theaters of Balnagari. Apart from this, these programs will inspire the children to develop their inner potential.

Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav
Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav

Visions of civilization in five gigantic domes in Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav

The 30 feet tall golden statue of Pramukhswami Maharaj is installed on a 40 feet wide and 15 feet high pithika at the center of the festival site. In the circle around this idol are the wonderful motivational events of Aharnish Sevamaya Pramukhswami Maharaj. Built as an exact replica of Delhi’s Swaminarayan Akshardham, the 67-feet-tall Mahamandir offers darshan of the divine deities of Sanatan Dharma under a total of five gigantic domes. Lord Swaminarayan – Aksharpurushottam Maharaj, Lord Radha-Krishna, Lord Sita-Rama, Lord Uma-Mahadeva etc. will strengthen the faith of millions of people. Apart from this, artistic idols of 48 Ganapatiji, 104 sages-saints-devotees are enshrined in the mandovar and pillars of this temple.