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Fluently lock your phone screen with current time cinch. The dereliction cinch screen is too boring. Do you want to change?

What is Screen Lock App

Screen Lock App protects your sequestration with time cinch, pattern lock, keypad passcode and time password app.

Screen Lock App – Time word app keeps your phone secure and customized in an eye- catching way.

Download Screen Lock App- Time word and secure your phone in a delightful way now!

Screen Lock App – Time Password Features

  • Time word is Current Time
  • Enter leg law to unlock.
  • Pattern Cinch Screen
  • Choose a timepiece style
  • You can change the wallpaper

Set current time as password

One point that makes this screen lock app special is the time cinch point. Set time passcode with current time day, hour, nanosecond. Now you do not need to flash back your phone word presently. And you aren’t hysterical that someone knows the passcode to unleash the phone. Let set the time cinch for your phone.

Customize screen lock app

You can acclimate the format of the timepiece displayed on the time cinch screen. There are numerous styles to choose from, and they’re eye- catching.

Keypad Lock Screen

dereliction cinch is boring, do you want to change it with bubble or star keyboard, indeed cute neon style? The phone suddenly came more special, more unique.

Pattern Lock Screen

still, choose pattern cinch screen, If you like drawing to unlock. Huge library with nearly 100 keyboard styles from fruit, soccer, christmas, flowers. There are indeed cute emojis to choose from. Which style do you prefer?

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Change wallpaper

The wallpaper store has up to 500 high- quality prints for you to freely choose as your cinch screen. print for phone cinch screen is veritably different nature, pet, girl, flower wallpaper. Forget the dereliction snap phone cinch screen, you have the most special phone cinch screen wallpaper app!


In order for the operation to work easily and effectively, we need you to allow the following warrants

  • Read phone state and external storehouse
  • Draw on top of other apps

We always drink any of your feedback to ameliorate the app and satisfy allusers.However, please communicate us We’ll respond as soon as possible, If you have any problem regarding Screen cinch- Time word App.

Thank you for downloading Screen Lock – Time Password!

Screen Lock App | Time Password App
Screen Lock App | Time Password App


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