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Advantages of dedicated Host vs. your hosting plan

While shared hosting And Dedicated servers will be the most popular kind of hosting and many cost-effective alternative for smaller web-sites, they may not be a fantastic alternative for big,”mission-critical” or high heeled web-sites. For these kinds of sites a dedicated host host may be a requirement.

But if your organization is earning thousands of dollars each day from e-commerce along with your company can fail if the server went down for over a couple of hours, then you should seriously think about leasing a host. Here is why:

Dedicated hosting provides the capability to keep your own server by letting you handle server visitors, server response time, server protection, data backups, as well as the software that you would like to use in your own server.

Server traffic and answer time

By way of instance, if a website on shared hosting environment suddenly receives an influx of visitors, it is going to cause another website on the host to slow down. Thus, your website’s reaction time will slow drastically and you are without recourse.


Thus, your website is much more likely to have safety problems on a shared server than on a dedicated hosting in which you can command the degree of firewall protection.

Additionally, when leasing a host, you have the option to cover a high degree of safety in relation to the on shared hosting. This could assist with server load control and some other safety problems.

In a shared hosting environment, you’re restricted from the safety given by the hosting business and what other people on the host opt to implement. In case you’ve got a leased server, you can employ your own safety and pay for additional security.

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Data retention and copies

Losing business data and also the time that it takes to revive it could cause a fantastic loss to your organization. Utilizing a dedicated host provides the choice of running RAID in your own server or you could have the hosting firm backup the data to an offsite facility for an extra charge.


A stage (commonly called the control panel) is essential in building a choice to receive a dedicated host. The choice is dependent upon the area of the software you’re familiar with and what software you need to run.

A shared hosting And Dedicated servers environment restricts the software on the server. Contrary to a dedicated server it is possible to select which stage you need and the option determines the software you can run. Some programs are customizable for example Parallels PLESK Platform.

If your business intends on major expansion during the following year and also has a small amount of additional money, think about moving to a dedicated host.

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