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About Speed Booster 

Smallest Speed Booster App that can help boost the speed of your phone by just one tap! Speed Booster app is the key to making your phone!

“Speed Booster app concentrates on solving the issue of freezing mobile phones, and it also offers an easy and refreshing for mobile phones. improving the health of your mobile phone!

Keeps your phone running fast and remove junk files and One-Tap to increase speed and Cache Clean

The Super Speed Boost Master will immediately boost the performance of your smartphone and can speed up the speed of browsing on the internet, enhancing the gaming experience, ensuring that the battery more durable by cleaning up cache and eliminating junk files. The main features we offer include CPU performance optimization, Junk File Cleaner, RAM Booster and Batteries Booster as well as Gaming Speed Booster.

Get the most out of your Android’s processor speed and RAM with just one click speed boost You’ll be amazed at how fast your phone can be!

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Speed Booster App Features

Speed Booster The Phone Boost Automatically improve speed of games as well as applications. Phone Booster clears memory speeding up your phone and conserves battery energy.

Clean junk files Memory Cleaner

Cleansing junk files clears out junk and cache files that eat up storage space and memory that help increase and improve the performance and speed of your smartphone.

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CPU Cooler

Continuously monitor temperature fluctuations and detect apps that use the most CPU power, and start the cooling process, thereby cutting down on the temperature of your handset. With memory booster, it can cool Android devices as fast as it is possible.

Battery Saver

The battery booster feature can help maximize battery use, cut down on the charging time, and decrease the power consumption. Make sure to use it frequently to make sure you don’t use the battery charger continuously and also to prolong the life of your battery charger. Start now to make you battery last more, and to use less battery chargers.

App Manager

How long have you downloaded an app that you’ve not previously used? It is easy to delete old applications and find apps that have unreliable activity


Speed Booster enhances and speeds up your Android phone in just one tap. Speed Booster can also scan the junk and cache files that are stored in your phone and remove them to dramatically accelerate the phone’s performance.

Easy to Use

Simply tap your boost key to boost the speed of your phone. This will keep it free of clutter and speedy.

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Main Features Of Speed Booster App


Release the background running program by pressing a single button to speed up operation and operation.

Junk Clean:

Clean up the garbage thoroughly One click to speed up the phone, and reduce the power consumed in standby, and allow the phone to run smoothly.

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Battery Saver:

The power saving feature can help solve the issue of excessive power consumption in Android phones and allow users stop ineffective applications that use energy. It is great for prolonging your battery’s longevity.

Cooler for CPU:

CPU Cooler will effectively lower the temperature of your phone’s CPU so that your phone does not heat up and stops freezing and operates more smoothly. Regularly using the cooling function may also prolong the lifespan of the battery”

Speed Booster App | Boost Your Phone

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To make sure that users can get the most enjoyment from their mobile, Phone Booster will optimize details about the product and technical aspects and offer efficient performance through cleaning. We will strive to make sure we do our best. We appreciate your support.

Our app utilizes accessibility services with certain conditions to allow advanced functions as well as enhance your experience.


1. What is Speed Booster app?
Speed Booster is a fantastic Android app which analyzes, speeds up, and optimizes your phone. Thanks to it, your phone will always perform in a speedy fashion and will not overheat. Speed Booster can help to clean cache, trash and residual junk files.
2. Which is Page Speed Booster?
Page Speed Booster tells your browser to use idle time to retrieve or prepare to retrieve page contents in anticipation of the user’s next action. For example, while on the home page, the user is currently on a page to choose a product to click.
3. What is boost speed app on Android?
The Android Speed Booster app is a one-stop speed enhancer and memory cleaner for your Android phone. Boost your phone by downloading Android Speed Booster FREE from the Google Play Store.