Deltacron Symptoms, Effects, Reported Cases, Treatment

In Cyprus, there has been detected a new variant named Deltacron Symptoms. Ten mutations from Omicron’s genome have been incorporated into Deltacron, giving it a similar genetic background to Deltacron. In the Cypriot population, already 25 people have been infected with the variant. If you want to know more about this disease, read the following … Read more

[VIDEO] [PDF] lockdown pass – COVID-19 India Exemption Pass in Lockdown

How to Get Curfew lockdownpass  in Your State During Covid-19 Lockdown : One can avail e-pass to use or provide the essential services, including medical care, health care, chemists, police and security personnel, media services, electricity and water department, animal fodder and ration shops. The world is currently fighting with deadly pandemic. To curb … Read more

LockDown Extended In India to 17 may

LockDown Extended In India3.0 DATE The corona virus crisis in the country is constantly increasing. Meanwhile, the lockdown in the country has been extended for two weeks to deal with the Corona crisis. The lockdown will now continue in the country till May 17. This was informed through the Ministry of Home Affairs. The ongoing … Read more

Lockdown 2.0 exemption listing from April 20: All you want to understand

Lockdown 2.0 exemption listing from April 20: All you want to understand The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Wednesday issued a revised listing of guidelines for stage two of lockdown allowing particular businesses to operate from April 20. From the revised lockdown guidelines, agriculture, healthcare and businesses operating in rural regions are exempted in … Read more