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Calculator photo vault App : Make use of the most effective calculator to cover up photos, conceal images, and conceal videos. Calculator Photos Vault App can be used to Vault app that allows you to hide photos as well as conceal Videos or other types of files with out anyone knowing, as the gallery lock on your phone appears as an elegant calculator and performs very well. Your files will be kept secretly kept in vaults and will only be accessible after an Numeric PIN number is input into the Calculator panel in this app.

The Top Benefits of Calculator photo vault App :

utilizing the AES encryption algorithm, you can encrypt your content you do not wish to share with anyone else as well as the format of the file, as well as size without restrictions however, it also supports taking photos and making videos.

Browser of Calculator photo vault App

A built-in private web browser to ensure your secure browsing on private websites, as well as downloading images from the web and instantly lock into your photo vaults and does not leave trace on your system.

Shake Close

You can shake the device and to close the app quickly and put everything under your hands.

Intruder Selfie

Automatically takes a selfie with an Intruder when someone tries to get your privacy by entering a an incorrect password.

Fake Vault

Set up a fake vault by using a different password to store fake videos and photos.

Fingerprint unlock in Calculator photo vault App

To provide you with a faster and more secure method to unlock.

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A Colorful Theme

The theme comes in a variety of stylish colors, all of which match to create your unique theme.


Provides the standard and scientific functions of a calculator in a sleek user-friendly, elegant and stylish design use.

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Conclusion :

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Calculator photo vault App FAQs:

How do I open?

Enter your password and click the “=” button to open.

What should I do if I forget your password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, just enter the number ‘11223344’ in the Calculator and click the “=” button, then recover your passcode by entering the answer to your security question.

How can I recover encrypted files?

A long press onto the encryption file and it will go into the edit mode. You can restore it using the restore button located in the bar of action.

Do my files that are hidden saved online?

Your data is stored on your device, therefore it is important to backup all your secret files prior to moving them onto a new devices or factory reset.

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