Flying cars will solve the traffic problem

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Flying cars will solve the traffic problem

Technology is flourishing day by day, God knows what form and color technology will show going forward! Helicopters and planes fluttering in the air, but can you imagine a four-wheeler running in the air? You may remember that there was a children’s film called ‘Tarzan the Wonder Car’ a while back. In which it was shown that the Flying car was floating in the water and flying in the air! Now you will be surprised to know that such a car will come into existence in the coming days! So let’s talk about such a wonderful car today.

As the population grows, so does the proportion of vehicle purchases. This surge in vehicle purchases can be clearly seen on the roads. The traffic problem can be greatly reduced if the flying car comes into the real world when the whole world is haunted by the monster of traffic jams.

To avoid this problem of jam, Dubai has decided to run a drone taxi. Dubai is set to become the first country in the world to have a drone taxi. This is a taxi that will fly in the sky and take people safely to their destination. Definitely this flying taxi will get rid of the traffic jam, traveling in this will also be very exciting.

You will be very surprised to know about this exciting taxi ride that does not require a driver to operate, it is based on a fully automatic system. Such technology has been installed in this taxi. Get in the taxi and click your destination on the touch screen in front of you. The automatic drone taxi will be operated by connecting to 4G mobile internet.

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Flying cars
Flying cars Flying cars Flying cars


After connecting to the mobile and choosing their destination, the taxi will take people to their destination in a matter of minutes. The Dubai government is also paying close attention to automatic trains. The government’s plan here is that by 2030, 80 percent of trains in Dubai will be able to run automatically without a driver.


The Slovak company Aeromobile claims to have built one such car. Which will run on the ground as well as fly in the air and travel the sky. Sitting in this car will make you feel like a Tarzan movie car. You can run this on the road whenever you want.

Pop up

A French aircraft company has built such an amazing car. The car was put on display. This car can fly in the air, this car is shaped like a flying smuggler. The biggest advantage of this car is that it draws its own fuel from the battery so it is also cheaper in terms of fuel.


International aerospace company Airbus is working on a flying taxi called ‘Vahana’. His goal is to bring this car down for trial in the near future. However, at present only one passenger will be able to travel in this car. However, there are plans for a bigger car after completing this initial phase.

Terrafugia DFX

American scientists are building a flying car called ‘DFX’. This car can also be flown in the air. Importantly, you don’t need a pilot’s license to build this car! The car will be able to run at a speed of 805 kilometers per hour. Scientists claim that the engine of this car will be safe.

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Kitty Hawk Flyer

Kitty Hawk, a California startup, recently posted a video of a single-seater flying car on social media, and the clip sparked curiosity around the world. The peculiarity of this car is that this car also runs in water and flies in the air.


A Massachusetts-based startup company has been working on this gorgeous and attractive flying car since 2006. By the year 2023, it will be ready to walk on the ground and fly in the sky. The hybrid car transition is also very exciting to watch.

Drone Taxi ‘E Hang 184’

No wonder cars are now seen in the skies of Dubai, as ‘E Hang 184’ is being manufactured in China. The car was on display in Las Vegas. Only one person will be able to travel in this car with a babe fan. Work on this car is in full swing.

How do all these flying cars work?

The flying car is made airworthy by hybrid propulsion. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. This is what happens when you fly in the air. Safety is taken care of in flying cars. The car can be brought to the ground by parachute in case the car runs out of fuel at the time of flight. Not only that, but it also has airbags for protection in case of any mishap on the ground and in the sky, so that the occupants can get out safely.


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