TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk – v11.9.6 Free Download

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TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk
TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk

Introduce about Truecaller

If you see that the default calling and messaging applications on your device is too few features and does not meet your needs, you should try TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk. It is an excellent calling and texting management application developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. Currently, the application is available on Play Store, including the free version and Premium (unlocked all the features). Besides, there is a Premium Gold package for users who have a higher demand for calls. In this article, we would like to give you all the interesting information about the app. Besides, we offer you the latest Truecaller mod which allows you to use the Premium and Premium Gold features for free.

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What can TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk do?

If you are wondering why Truecaller Premium is so expensive to use, please see its great features below:

Block incoming calls

Spam Blocking

Surely you have been repeatedly bothered by calls or messages from unwanted phone numbers. It could be a commercial call or from someone who is deliberately disturbing. Call and message blocking is more and more necessary. However, there are still many devices that do not support this feature. An alternative is to download and use Truecaller instead of the default texting and calling program. This feature is available on the free version, so you can try it out without worrying about in-app purchases. Besides, if a number on the blacklist is blocked from calling you, the caller will only hear a busy line signal. Obviously, it will not have a notification or a ringing phone bothering you.

Incognito Mode

Icogonito Mode

This feature is useful when you want to view any non-premium user’s profile without alerting them. That means true caller premium app users will have more advantages over non-premium users.

You can always control which information you want to be public by using the ‘Privacy Center’ option in settings.

Block spam messages effectively

Spam Blocking

Truecaller can block messages from blocked numbers as thoroughly as possible. Users cannot check who sent the message and the content of the message for the blocked numbers. At the moment, some message blocking applications are available in the application store, which supports an archive of sent messages. Although users try to block messages on some unwanted phone numbers, they sometimes want to see who sent the message to them and what the message was about. This is also quite common for friends and lovers to block each other’s messages.


TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk
TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk

TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk also supports blocking the spam phone numbers. The application aggregates information from multiple sources and users to regularly supplement the blacklist of spam numbers. If you realize a spam phone number, you can click Block & report spam. That can help build a better user community.


Ads Free

Advertisements are the main reason why I always use a paid version of any application. It is frustrating when ads pop-up during some critical work.
In TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk, you never face any issue like it.

Unlike the free version of the application where you get lots of banner ads, you can enjoy the ad-free experience in the premium one.

Premium Badge

Truecaller Premium Badge

If you are the person who wants to stand out in the crowd, then this feature is just for you. This is a premium feature, but you are getting it free in TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk.

You will get a premium batch on your caller ID that gives you a professional look whenever you make a call. You can use this feature to impress your friends by showing them a professional caller id view.

More Contact Request

More Contact Request

AS we know, whenever we search for someone by their name, we have to request them to get full information like private number, email, and address. Actually, this is important for keeping user data secure from hackers and spammers.

You get a limited amount of contact requests, or you can earn some for free from your profile option. But by using cracked TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk, you get an unlimited contact request feature for free.

Call Record

TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk
TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk

If it comes to the best application that allows users to see the caller ID, it is impossible not to mention TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk. No matter who it is, whatever number it calls, TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk can provide the caller ID very fast. This is extremely useful for users who can know who is calling to them, avoid confusing important calls into spam calls. In addition, users can also view names or anonymous numbers in the call history to not miss any calls.

Also, this feature is very useful for daily work and life. For example, your boss calls you and brings you a lot of jobs. During the call, you also do not need to pay too much attention to remember. You can completely listen to the call later and note the information. This is really convenient.

Backup and sync

TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk allows you to back-up your data and upload it to Google Drive including call history, all contacts, messages, and settings. This is really useful when you replace equipment. You just need to sync the previously saved data to the new device via TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk.

The MOD version of Truecaller

MOD features

  • Unlocked Gold Membership.
  • Unlocked all Premium features.
  • Location of Maps.
  • Drive backup.
  • Optimized graphics.
  • Clean up resources.
  • Disable Analytics / Crashlytics.
  • No force shortcuts.
TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk
TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk

About Premium Gold Member

TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk also offers two premium packages includes Premium and Gold Membership to meet the needs and offer the best features for users.

Premium Gold is the app’s most premium package. In terms of features, Premium Gold is not much different from TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk, but it is much more expensive. So why is the developer releasing this paid package? Let’s find out below: When you register to become a Premium Gold member, you will become more prominent than other users. For example, every time you call someone with a strange phone number, they probably won’t pick up. By becoming a Premium Gold member, your call will be much more impressive. The recipient will also feel more confident in the recipient of the incoming phone number.

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Besides, when you use this package, your Caller ID card will be classy and luxurious with the golden color. Of course, this is only available when the call recipient is also using the Truecaller application. In addition, the support policy for Premium Gold users will also be more advanced. Your problems and question about the application will be resolved quickly.

With higher prices than the Premium version but only getting outstanding, Premium Gold may not be necessary for normal users. But if you regularly make business calls to unfamiliar and unknown phone numbers, Premium Gold is really necessary. Your calls will be more reliable, making your work more convenient. For example, if you make a commercial call to a customer with a Truecaller Premium Gold account with a premium Golden Caller ID, it will surely help your call stand out. Your customers will take a few minutes to learn about the services and products.

Do you use 2 SIMs? Do not worry because Truecaller can use comfortably on both SIMs with a feature that supports 2 SIM

TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk
TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk

How to download and install?

As promised, we provide you with this app’s modified APK file, which allowed you to use Premium features for free. There are many Truecaller Premium websites that you can find from Google. However, you should be careful because the files may be harmful to your device. Make sure you always use an anti-virus application for safety. We provide you with completely safe and tested APK files on our devices. So you can rest assured when downloading and using it. Just download the Apk file we provide and install it as usual. Besides, you can enjoy the Premium and Premium Gold features for free.

]Download TrueCaller Premium Mod Apk


Truecaller Premium for Android 11.9.6 – Premium, Latest


Truecaller Premium for Android – 11.7.5 – Lite


Note: There is another mod version of this application. It has been optimized for low-end devices when the capacity is only about 4MB.


Despite the higher price compared to the applications of the same genre, Truecaller Premium is really impressive with great features. You probably won’t need to download any other messaging and calling apps to get more features. All popular features such as call recording, blocking messages, calls, back-up of contacts data… are available in this application. In case, you often make calls for your business or simply want to be prominent, you should sign up for the Truecaller Premium Gold package. Readers can download the Truecaller Premium at the link below.


Abraham Cherian,
The app by itself is fantastic. Kudos to the developer. I sincerely suggest you work out a way of adding the call recording feature for Android 10. I, being a premium user, am forced to use the stock phone app as my default calling app and use TrueCaller Premium Gold MOD Apk as a standby so the purpose of spending money in order to be a premium user gets defeated. My subscription needs to be renewed a couple of months later and I would be hesitant to renew the same due to this hiccup.
Nabiulla Ahmed,
Used to love Truecaller that’s why purchase the premium…but the latest update which gives is the”all new Truecaller” is not good…it’s focusing lees on what’s important to a user and show more of what they already the blocking option there is no need for a whole tab in the home screen for that it’s there in the settings which is good for that. Would appreciate if I see the change soon as it consuming more time for us to check the messages and the call and it not that user friendly
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