Trump speaks of peaceful post-election handover – I can’t promise, power transfer may not be necessary

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US presidential election: Trump speaks of peaceful post-election handover – I can’t promise, power transfer may not be necessary

  • Trump has once again expressed concern over the outcome of the election, saying there are many things to keep an eye on
  • The President also said that the Supreme Court should have a full panel of judges, which is also necessary for democracy
Trump speaks
image source: Divya Bhaskar – Trump speaks of peaceful post-election handover

Donald Trump speaks has once again expressed concern over the November presidential election. According to Trump, I cannot promise a peaceful transfer of power after the results come out. The president said that “I also have been complained to you about voting before,” So it remains to be seen what will happen in the end. Trump said it could happen that something is decided in the Supreme Court. That is why there should be a full bench of judges here.

Trump speaks: No one can trust

Trump was asked some questions about post-election power transfer during a press conference at the White House on Wednesday night. One reporter asked if you can be sure that there will be a peaceful transfer of power after the election. In this regard, the President said that what should happen. I have already expressed my concern about voting. There are riots in some places. However, I don’t think a power transfer will be needed. What is present will continue.

Trump’s statement means he will win the election. The president has previously opposed voting by mail in the ballot but has begun to support it with certain conditions.

Democrats have this concern

During the presidential election in the United States, it has never been the case that a candidate has spoken in public about the election results and the transfer of power. This is also a matter of concern for the Democrats. Because Trump is making fierce statements about power transfer and voting patterns before the election. Democrats feel that even if Trump loses, they will not believe the outcome and a constitutional crisis could ensue.

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Contradictions over the appointment of judges

Justice Ginsberg of the Supreme Court died a few days ago. Now there are 8 judges. Democrats want new judges to be elected. Trump wants to heal. This is because if a case is caught in the election, the judge can stand by it. His vote will be decisive. Julian, a professor at Princeton University, says Trump threatens in public. People are understanding what he means. This means that if the result is not in their favor, they will not accept it.

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Do not support yourself

His senator Mitt Romney is not with Trump’s statement. Romney says the key to democracy is a peaceful transfer of power after elections. This is America. Not Belarus. As president, Trump must be mindful of his responsibility and dignity.

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This is a statement, not the first time that has been made.

This is not the first time Trump has made a statement on the transfer of power. He also said this in an interview with Fox News in July. Earlier, he said in the US Today that he could not trust the post-election situation. In 2016, Trump received less popular votes. Even then, he said, the election was rigged. The United States cannot have more than two presidents, but Trump has said he will be president in 2025.


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