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Universal TV Remote Control : The No.1 Universal TV Remote Control The Smart Remote App and the IR Remote available in over 100 nations.
To use Smart TVs and other devices the only configuration needed is to connect your mobile phone and your Smart TV or Device to the same WiFi network.

To work with televisions with IR the phone should come with an Infrared (IR) option that allows the app to function as an remote control. The IR feature is needed to transmit signals through your phone to the TV similar to a standard TV remote.

You can now transfer media files that are stored on your mobile phone onto screen on your Smart TV screen.

Smart TV features

  • Voice Search
  • Power Control.
  • Mute / Volume Control.

Smart Sharing/Casting: View your Pictures and Videos, as well as listen to music while watching your TV.

  • Mouse Navigation and Easy Keyboard.
  • Input
  • Home
  • Apps that are installed in your television.
  • Channel lists / Up/Down.
  • Play/Stop Reverse/Fast Forward.
  • Up/Down Left and Right Navigation.

This is the TOP Universal TV Remote Control application is downloaded and used by over 75 million people all over the world. The ease of use that this app gives their users was praised and widely praised throughout the globe.

Also, eliminate the irritating problems with temper caused by

  • Losing your remote,
  • Batteries have worn out.
  • Punishing your kid brother for breaking the remote
  • Biting and/or boiling your batteries hoping it will lead to a magical recharge and so on.

Just before your most loved TV seasons or series is set to begin, or your favorite sporting event is about to start or you’re looking to stream news but the remote control on your TV isn’t in reach.

There is no setup needed. Select the brand of your TV and then start using it.

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Very useful : Universal TV Remote Control

It’s always beneficial and simple to utilize one Universal Remote Control device that controls all your electronic equipments. Mobile phones have become a key gadget users carry around with them This means that having an application running on your mobile which functions to function as an TV remote can simplify your life.

Very simple to contact Us
The friendly Customer Support of CodeMatic will be there to assist you with anything you require. Our team is constantly working to incorporate the most popular TV brands and functions. The app for controlling smart remotes is constantly updated.

If your TV’s brand isn’t mentioned or the remote control software for your TV does not work with your TV, send us an email containing your TV’s brand name and remote model. We’ll try making this application compatible with the TV model you have.

The features in Traditional IR Universal TV Remote Control:

  • Power ON/OFF Control.
  • TV / AV.
  • Mute/Un-Mute.
  • Clicks for Channel Digits.
  • Lists and indexes of channels.
  • Volume Up Control.
  • Control of Volume.
  • Channel Up Control.
  • Control Channel Down.
  • Menu Button that has up/down and left/right Controls.
  • Green, Red and Blue * Yellow / Green / Red (Multiple purposes Soft keys).

Note: Universal TV Remote Control

  • A tablet or phone with a built-in IR blaster is required to use Traditional IR TVs.
  • For Smart TVs or devices that use a smart TV, both the device and the user’s mobile should be on the same network.
  • This application is compatible with all TV models and brands included within the application. This is not an official TV remote app for these TV models.
  • “Email us” the Model of your TV. We’ll do our best to get it up and running as soon as we are able to. Your patience and constructive feedback will be greatly valued.
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Universal TV Remote Control

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