Cinema Hall will be open from October 15, Unlock-5 guideline announced

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Cinema Hall will be open from October 15, Unlock-5 guideline announced


Unlock-5 guideline announced
Unlock-5 guideline announced
The Union Home Ministry has released the guideline of Unlock-5. It has announced more concessions than last time. Under this, the states have been given the right to start a school. So the cinema hall will be able to open on October 15. But no concessions have been made in the containment zone.
According to the guidelines issued by the Home Ministry, cinema halls, theaters, and multiplexes will be allowed to open in the country from October 15. These cinema halls, theaters, multiplexes will work at their 50 percent capacity. That means half the seats will be vacant. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will soon issue detailed guidelines in this regard.

Decision about school

To reopen schools and coaching institutes, the State / UT Governments have been given relief to take a decision after 15 October 2020, respectively. The decision will be taken after consultation with the concerned school/institution management, based on the assessment of the situation and subject to the following conditions.

Important things about Unlock-5 guideline announced

  • Cinema-theater-multiplexes will be allowed to have 50 percent of spectators from its seating capacity.
  •  Business to Business (B 2 B) exhibition will be held. The Commerce Department will declare SOP for it.
  • The opening of the swimming pool used for the training of players will be allowed, for which the Ministry of Sports will announce the SOP.
  • Amusement parks and similar places will also be allowed to open and the Ministry of Health will issue SOPs for all these.
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  • Governments of State / UTs are allowed to decide to open schools, colleges, educational institutes, and coaching institutes in phases. Given the situation, he will be able to decide to open it after October 15.
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Unlock-5 guideline announced
Unlock-5 guideline announced

This will be implemented after October 15


  • Cinema-multiplex-theaters can be started with a 50% seating capacity.
  • Business Exhibition (B2B) will be allowed, subject to the conditions of the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Only sportspersons will open the swimming pool to train the athletes.
  • Amusement parks and similar places will be allowed to open.
  • The state government is free to decide on starting school-college-coaching classes.
  • Still recommended giving first preference to online / distance learning only.
  • Students who want to take online education should not be forced to attend school even after the schools open.
  • Only after the written approval of the parents will the student be able to go to school/coaching classes.
  • No compulsion can be made for attendance, it will depend entirely on the consent of the guardian.
  • Schools will have to strictly follow the SOP of the education department even after opening.
  • The decision to reopen colleges/institutions of higher learning will also be taken in this manner.
  • Approval of Lab / Experiment after 15th in higher education institutions like PhD-Postgraduate.
  • The State / UT may decide on the attendance of more than 100 persons at social/educational / entertainment / cultural/religious/political gatherings and meetings outside the containment zone.
  • A maximum of 50% of the seating capacity in the closed hall and a maximum of 200 people will be allowed. The use of mask-social distance-thermal screening-hand sanitizer will be mandatory.
  • International travel prohibited on a commercial basis.
  • Amusement parks and places like that will be closed.
  • Strict enforcement of lockdown in containment zone issued till 31st October.
  • State governments cannot implement any lockdown outside the containment zone.
  • No restrictions on interstate and inland transport.
Unlock-5 guideline announced
Unlock-5 guideline announced
Unlock-5 guideline announced
Unlock-5 guideline announced
Unlock-5 guideline announced
Unlock-5 guideline announced


The Unlock-5 guideline announced has been released by the Union Home Ministry. In which theater, swimming pools are allowed to open. This can be opened with 50% of the seating capacity. The government will soon announce the SOP.
The state government may decide to reopen the school and coaching institute after October 15, the guideline said. The hall at the school, Cinema, has been closed since March. It will now be allowed to open with conditions in Unlock 5.

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Exhibitions organized at the company level will be allowed to be held from October 15, the home ministry said. The standard management procedure for this will be announced by the Commerce Department.
Amusement parks and similar venues will be allowed to open after October 15, for which the SOP will be announced by the Ministry of Health.
The state government will decide whether to allow more than 100 people in social and political programs
The number of corona infected patients in the country has crossed 62 lakh. While 51,87,825 people have recovered so far. The recovery rate in the country is 83.33 percent


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