Visa Free Countries: Now You can Travel without visa in these countries, See here Countries list

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Visa Free Countries For Indians: Today we are giving you information about some such countries where Indian tourists get entry without visa.

Visa Free Countries For Indians

Bhutan If you are planning to go to Bhutan, all you need is a voter ID card. At the same time, children will need their birth certificate or educational school identity card (Aadhaar card).

Barbados Barbados is a beautiful country situated in the lap of nature, which is located on the Caribbean island in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. You can travel here without visa with Indian passport, that too not for a day or two but for full 90 days. Here you can enjoy many captivating and beautiful places.

Nepal – According to Nepal’s advisory, Indians need only such documents, which prove their Indian citizenship. For this, they can show voter ID card or Aadhaar card.

Mauritius (Mauritius) – You can stay in Mauritius without a visa for a maximum of 90 days.

Indonesia – If you have been planning to visit this beautiful destination i.e. Indonesia for a long time, then you can go here without any visa. But, if you wish to stay here for a long time then you may need a visa.

Jamaica If you have an Indian passport, you can travel to Jamaica without a visa. Jamaica has rainforests, mountains and beaches.

Oceania You can also travel to Oceania without a visa. In Oceania, you can visit beautiful places like Marshall Island, Cook Island, Fiji, Samoa, Niue, Vanuatu, Micronesia and Palau Island.

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Fiji You can stay in Fiji without a visa for up to 120 days. Fiji is known for its beautiful scenery, coral reefs, inviting lagoons and friendly people.

Visa Free Countries
Visa Free Countries
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