Confidence in people woke up due to WhatsApp chat leak, this app is becoming the first choice of users

Confidence in people woke up due to WhatsApp chat leak, this app is becoming the first choice of users

WhatsApp chat leak
WhatsApp chat leak                        WhatsApp chat leak          WhatsApp chat leak

WhatsApp chat leak of movie celebrities has been constantly leaked recently. In the meantime, people have not trusted the chatting app WhatsApp. Thousands of users have started using other apps instead of WhatsApp for chats in view of the privacy issue.

Chatting apps like Telegram and Signal are taking advantage of people’s fears.

According to a report by mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower, about 140 million people downloaded the telegram between September 19-24 after Deepika Padukone’s chat was leaked.

At that time many users are using the Signal Private Messenger app. According to the information, after the chat leak, the number of users of the Signal app has increased by 44,000. Read also: YONO SBI online mobile banking Application

WhatsApp chat leak of celebrities

If you use the instant messaging apps WhatsApp and Telegram or both, then this news can be very important for you. However, there will be very few people who do not have these two apps on their mobile, but have you ever wondered how secure your personal data is on these two platforms?

The suspicion of leaking the secret information of many Bollywood celebrities from this platform has increased. Today we will see how secure these two platforms are in terms of privacy. Read also: 1st No. Apk, Dream11 Vivo IPL Official Partner Fantasy Sports APK Download

The decrease in WhatsApp downloading statistics

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption policy reassures users that on this platform, users’ messages to their relatives, friends, and relatives and many chats, photos, video data asking about their current affairs are kept completely confidential and secure, but WhatsApp chat leak The chat is questioning its privacy which is why people are now turning to telegrams. Because there has been a big drop in WhatsApp’s downloading statistics.

Telegram users are growing rapidly

Telegram said it had 400 million monthly users, an increase of about 100 million since last year. Let me tell you, 1.5 million users are downloading Telegram every day. To find out what is the difference between WhatsApp and Telegram? Read also: Telegram X v0.22.8.1351 APK Free Download

What is the difference between WhatsApp and Telegram?

1. Telegram comes with a feature in which users can set the chat timer and have the right to delete it according to their own time. Simply put, messages and pictures are automatically deleted within a certain amount of time.

2. Telegram users also get a notification to take a screenshot of their chat and a message not to forward its gossip chat.

3., Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram users also have a username that ensures that users’ identities are protected.

4. Telegram can also be chatted without a contact number, but WhatsApp does not have such a feature.

5. Other than that you can send any file up to 1.5 GB in Telegram through any medium, but in WhatsApp videos, photos, and document files can be sent in a limited way.

However, this feature of Telegram makes it an attractive chatting app, but WhatsApp has over 1.6 billion active users. WhatsApp is still the most popular chat app based on a group video call feature, end-to-end encryption, and the maximum number of users.

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Pay attention to these things

WhatsApp is more popular than Telegram due to its security features. Even if you don’t want to download Telegram and only want to use Whatsapp, let me tell you, all chats on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted. This means only the sender and receiver can access the chat. Read also: [100% working] Kinemaster Pro MOD APK Free Download

WhatsApp chat leak when someone takes a screenshot of it or mails chats. Chats can be easily leaked if one accesses the mail account and backup chats are out of WhatsApp’s end-to-end encrypted policy. The company does not guarantee its safety.


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