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Hi guys, welcome to Kirtithakkar. For many online advertising and small business owners, working WordPress at a cloud, or virtualized, surroundings offers several important advantages over the normal shared hosting program available from hosting providers. Among the principal advantages is the comprehensive configuration controller accessible using a cloud server. Process control, disk and memory space allocation, and database setup may be customized to offer the best degree of service into the WordPress web server and site traffic.


This increased degree of configuration flexibility and control has a caveat, but because having complete control usually means the cloud server, MySQL database, Apache web server, and WordPress setup has to be secured from Internet threats. Firewall security, access management, anti virus and anti virus are all necessary to correctly secure the server.

Luckily, there are a lot of safety tools available that significantly improve the degree of system safety at a cloud server WordPress setup. OSSEC performs log analysis, file integrity checking, coverage tracking, rootkit detection, real time alerting and active reaction to server security dangers. Some Key Benefits Compliance Prerequisites OSSEC helps clients fulfill specific compliance requirements like PCI, HIPAA etc., by discovering and alerting on unauthorized file system alterations and malicious behaviour. For PCI, it insures document integrity monitoring, log review and observation, and coverage enforcement/checking. Real-time and Configurable Alarms OSSEC allows for the setup of customized episode reporting, increasing the disposition of critical events over those considered less significant to network and web server safety. Integration with shared services like SMTP, SMS and syslog allows for an assortment of alert procedures. If Active Response is configured, then the OSSEC system may block an attack instantly and automatically, ensuring strikes are stopped when detected. Centralized Management OSSEC provides a centralized management capacity which enables multiple OSSEC deployments to be handled from a central OSSEC server. This provides a higher degree of flexibility and ease of management to get owners / operators of numerous cloud deployments.

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The OSSEC system is very powerful and trusted, but does demand a specific degree of systems management expertise to correctly configure and install. It’s highly advisable that a seasoned online safety specialist be consulted before deploying OSSEC for your own Linux or Windows cloud server installation.

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