YONO SBI online mobile banking Application

Yono SBI: Mobile Banking and Lifestyle Application

Yono SBI allows you to use bank, shop, travel, pay the bill, recharge, investment, IRCTC ticket booking, transfer money using UPI, book movie tickets. With SBI Yono, the facility has a new name.

yono sbi
yono sbi

What Yono SBI gives you

Yono SBI, SBI’s latest mobile banking offering fur is an extension of our trusted banking heritage that has given India secure digital products like SBI Enware and SBI Net Banking. Yono SBI puts India’s largest range of products & services at your fingertips with the YONO app. Yono SBI allows you to digitally bank, invest, shop (be it groceries or new fashion trends!), Book movie tickets, vacation, flights, and IRCTC train tickets with a single application.

Yono SBI’s experience

Yono SBI, download our mobile banking and lifestyle app now and get knowledge about its best-in-class features

India’s largest shopping market place – shop for your groceries, new electronics, book your flight/train ticket or for the next vacation, Yono is covered by SBI. Special discounts and offers for SBI customers in merchants offering shopping, vacation booking, flight and ticket booking, rail ticket booking by IRCTC, food delivery, and many more. Read also: Elements The first Indian super social media app launch today by the vice president.

King Banking Easy – Perform basic banking transactions such as check your balance, make hard and fast deposits, add beneficiaries, etc. Our easy to use interface.

• Quick Salary – Rs. 10,000 / –


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Link and consider your relationships with all depository financial institution organizations (credit cards, life insurance, general insurance, travel insurance, accident insurance, SIPs, mutual funds, or investments) in a single application.

Smart Cost – Summarize your spending with our Intelligent Cost Analysis, which automatically tags and categorizes your transactions.

  • Need Your Needy Friend – Get a pre-approved personal loan within 2 minutes, with no documents up to Rs. 5 lakh.
  • Fluidity on the go – Use this one-click feature to get an overdraft against a static deposit.
  • Dreams Live Your Dreams – Use Our Goal-Based Deposit Product To Fulfill Your Dreams Through Regular Savings
  • Convenience Experience Convenience: Use Yono SBI to check or stop ATM PIN, BL ATM or ATM Cards / Debit Cards or check, use ATM Cards / Debit Cards, or Emergency Services.

If you have got an account with SBI, use your internet banking credentials to register and log in that Uno SBI brings into your life. If you do not have Internet banking credentials, you will create a temporary Internet banking password using your open-end credit, and register using an equivalent. Yono SBI is at your fingertips once you sign in. Read also:12 Jyotirlingas live darshan | Jyotirlingas of India

Development of SBI

State Bank of India originated in the first decade of the nineteenth century, with the establishment of the Bank of Calcutta in Calcutta on 2 June 1806. Three years later the bank received its charter and was redesigned as a bank. Bengal (2 January 1809). Its A unique institution and it was the first joint-stock holder bank of British India sponsored by the Bengal Government. Bank Bombay of Bombay (April 15, 1840) and Bank of Madras (July 1, 1843) followed Bank of Bengal. On January 27, 1921, the three banks remained at the forefront of modern banking in India until the merger of Imperial Bank India and India. Read also: Download Canva MOD APK

Among the predominantly Anglo-Indian creations, the three presidential banks came into existence either as a result of the coercion of royal money or due to the need for domestic European commerce and were not arbitrarily imposed from outside to modernize India’s economy. Nevertheless, their evolution was shaped by ideas derived from similar developments in Europe and England, and they were influenced by changes in the local trade environment and the relationship of the Indian economy to the European economy and the global economy. Economic structure.

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